Darts and laurels

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 18, 2011

Laurels to Rowan Helping Ministriesí new litter patrol, which began picking up trash on Council, Liberty, Shaver and Long streets this week. We often talk about people taking ownership of their neighborhoods, and RHM shelter guests decided to put that into action by cleaning up nearby streets twice a month. Coordinated through the New Tomorrows Program, the clean-up initiative is a great way for shelter patrons to give back to the community and make a visible contribution to the neighborhood. Meanwhile, if any other group is interested in organizing a cleanup crew and adopting a particular city street, contact the Salisbury Community Appearance Commission at 704-638-5242.

Dart to the possibility that metal thieves are now targeting home appliances. Authorities arenít positive that was the motive for a missing water heater, clothes dryer, refrigerator, oven and other goods apparently taken during a recent break-in on Kesler Street, but they suspect thieves hauled away the appliances to sell metal parts to salvage yards and recyclers. Considering that metal thieves have made off with air-conditioning units, guttering and wiring, it probably shouldnít be a surprise that now theyíre even going after the kitchen sink … or at least the dishwasher.

Laurels to the North Rowan and Salisbury High basketball teams for clinching state championships last weekend in Raleigh. This was the third straight 2A title for the Salisbury girls, culminating with a dominating performance against East Bladen. The North Rowan boys team triumphed in dramatic fashion, coming back from a 19-point deficit to capture the 1A title. Along with victory wreaths for the winning teams, letís also toss a laurel to all the loyal fans who hit the road to provide enthusiastic support during their teamsí march toward tournament titles.

Dart to pharmaceutical residues that make their way into streams, lakes and water supplies because of improper disposal of unused drugs. You can help avoid being part of the problem by taking old or unused medications to Operation Medicine Drop today in Landis. Drop off medicines at Kingís Quick Stop, 200 W. Ryder Ave., between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. By sponsoring the event, Landis police are helping to keep these drugs out of our sewers, as well as off the streets.