Mock trial at Davie campus

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 17, 2011

Basic skills students from the Davie Campus of Davidson County Community College acted as judge, jury, plaintiff, defendant, witnesses and attorneys during a mock trial staged Feb. 14 at the Davie County Court House in Mocksville.
The trial involved a fictitious, two-car accident with both vehicles traveling Salisbury Road in Mocksville. The plaintiff, played by Jason Lockwood, claimed he was sitting at a red light when the defendant, played by Sonya Garretson, rear-ended him. The plaintiff argued that he saw the defendant texting on her cell phone, not paying attention. He sued her for $3,000 in damages to his red Honda.
The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was not sitting at the red light, but in fact made a quick stop causing her to rear-end his vehicle. She said she was not texting and that the plaintiff was responsible for his own damages as he was at fault for making a sudden stop.
The jury ruled that the defendant was at fault, and the judge ordered her to pay $3,000 in damages.
Providing leadership for the student project were Rita Mathews, director of student services for DCCC’s Davie Campus, as well as DCCC instructors Sandra Porter, Traci Crisco and Jenny Overbey.
“The students did a fabulous job in their performance-based education,” said Mathews. “A mock trial provides students with hands-on opportunities to develop their understanding of the law, court procedure, and the legal system. It also builds self confidence and provides terrific opportunities to develop critical thinking, public speaking, team building, and leadership skills.”
Other student participants in the mock trial included the judge, played by Robert Turner; prosecuting attorney, Travis Mummert; defense attorney, Sadee Doub; witness 1, Heaven Shoffner; witness 2, Lisa Martin; and jury foreman, Clifford Williams.
Students serving on the jury were Joshua Chunn, Jake Wilson, M.J. Seivers, Heather Jones, Mary Gilliam, Pam Smoot, Rodney Smoot, Jeffery Jaquez, Rudolpho Gonzalez and DCCC instructors Jenny Overbey and Traci Crisco.