Driver in custody after chase on Bringle Ferry

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 17, 2011

Authorities took a Jaguar driver into custody after a chase along Bringle Ferry Road in which speeds reached 120 mph. The chase ended when the Jaguar hit spiked strips laid out by authorities and wrecked at Bringle Ferry and Earnhardt Road near Salisbury.
Rowan County Sheriff’s Deputies pursued the Jaguar east along Bringle Ferry around 8 p.m. The driver sped up to 105 mph then slowed to around 80 as he rounded curves in a 35 mph zone near Poole Road, according to emergency radio communications.
After crossing the center line a number of times and causing another vehicle to wreck near Poole Road, the driver slowed to a stop. But when a deputy pulled up and got out of his car, the Jaguar driver sped off again in the opposite direction, toward Salisbury.
At Beagle Club Road, the driver was going 120 mph and crossed the center line again. The chase passed oncoming traffic at Dunn’s Mountain Road. The driver turned right on Ridgecrest Road but pulled through a store parking lot and kept going west on Bringle Ferry.
At Earnhardt Road, the Jaguar ran over the strips with spikes laid across the road by deputies and the driver crashed. Deputies took him into custody and called EMS, though emergency radio communications indicated he was not seriously injured.
It was unclear Wednesday night why the driver fled from authorities.