Letters to the editor – Thursday (3-17-2011)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Classmateís death hits hard, but students come together
Cody Ludwick was truly an outstanding young man. I was lucky to have taught him last semester. He was loved by his peers and his teachers and will be missed by all.
Itís amazing to see a school come together and take care of each other in times of mourning. How do 17- and 18-year-old kids have such organizational skills? It comes from their upbringing, schooling and the inborn trait that we all have as humans in times of personal crisis. What these students have done to help each other makes me proud to be an educator and even prouder to be part of their lives.
It is very difficult for students and teachers to cope with untimely deaths. I have lost three former students this year, each loss having its own story. Coping with these deaths has been very hard for me, and I know firsthand the impact it has on young scholars. We must celebrate the lives of those we have lost, cherish the memories we shared with them and always remember they are in a better place.
ó Reid Walters
Walters teaches history at East Rowan High School.
Bible supports executions
Regarding the March 12 letter ěNorth Carolina should follow Illinoisí lead on executionsî:
The letter writer asked Christians to consider whether Jesus would condone executions. The answer is yes. Jesus came into the world to save people and fulfill the law, not change it.
Genesis 9:6: ěWhoso sheddeth manís blood, by man shall his blood be shed.î
Exodus 21:12, 21:15, 21:17 and 22:19 established grounds for capital punishment while Moses was in the wilderness.
Granted, there were probably innocent people executed, but as a jury has judged people in capital punishment cases, so be it. We will all have to answer to God about executions.
ó Richard C. Davis
Obamaís on top of his game
Civil war in the Middle East. Americaís economy in free fall. A tsunami and human tragedy in Japan that has galvanized the helping hands of Americans and many others across the world. So what is our fearless leader, Barack Hussein Obama, doing? Is he letting these trivialities distract him? No, sir! He knows why we elected him ó to fill out the NCAA tournament slots. Yes, that is just what he campaigned on in 2008.
What a man. What a leader! There he sits, NCAA graph card in hand, keeping his head. And later this week, heís off to Rio for a well-earned rest. Be sure to take your golf clubs, Barry! The last thing we would want is for you to have to pay attention to the news or actually have to do some real work.
ó Steve Owen