Letters to the editor – Tuesday (3-15-2011)

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 14, 2011

Moderates missing in action for their respective parties
I would like to commend Steve and Cokie Robertsí column in the Sunday Insight to your readers. As they point out, about 63 percent of voters are either independents or moderates, willing to go with the best candidate.
Unfortunately, the remaining 37 percent is made up of extremists, either of the Tea Party and ultra-conservatives on the right or the super-liberals and so-called progressives on the left. Because they either believe passionately or simply have nothing better to do, they both tend to be the activists in their respective parties.
What this tends to lead to, particularly on the state and local level, is extremist candidates, leaving the vast middle with a choice of ěthe lesser of two evils,î especially in contested elections.
The result is a deadlocked Congress, unable to compromise or act as national legislators. This has carried over at the state level as budget crises have multiplied.
The solution depends on those moderates, of both parties. If they donít rise up and take back their parties, we will all wind up with the kind of polarization weíre seeing right now. If the moderates of both parties want a responsible government, they had better start being part of the solution, not just stand outside and complain.
ó John P. Burke
Salary lists show pay gap
I was informed this morning that all my personal job information was tacked on to the Salisbury Post website.
I understand the publicís ěneed to knowî in this year of budget cuts. But I do feel a bit exposed. The only good thing I can come up with for this is to show the grand gap in the base salaries of teacher assistants. As low man on the totem pole, we are the ones slated for the ax.
Personally, I serve 60 to 120 children a day, depending on whether I drive the bus that day. I think that needs a little more compensation.
We have had a pay freeze for the last four years. Nothing else stops, except the amount I can receive.
ó Diane Brown
China Grove