Duke warns of rising waters

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duke Energy encourages customers to stay alert today and tomorrow as Carolinians can expect to receive several inches of much-needed rainfall.
Rain began falling in the Nantahala region of western North Carolina overnight, where 3 or more inches is forecast.
Upstate South Carolina and North Carolina’s Broad and Green river basins will receive several inches as well, as will the upper Catawba region. The lower Catawba basin is likely to see 2 inches or more.
Duke Energy’s hydroelectric stations along these basins have been working this week to move water from the weekend’s rains and create storage for this impending front.
“We have made good progress in the last two days to move water downstream to make room for this rain; however, the ground is already saturated and we expect to see rising lake levels that could impact residents living in low-lying and flood-prone areas,” said Don Cofer, area hydro manager.
Duke Energy dams have either gated spillways or open spillways that allow high flows to pass downstream. Duke Energy’s Hydro Operating Center is staffed around the clock to manage these lake systems by monitoring conditions and keeping the safety of downstream residents a priority.
We encourage customers to keep these safety tips in mind:
• Those living along lakes and rivers and in other low-lying areas should pay close attention to local media for changing weather conditions or important updates.
• High water can create navigational hazards on roads and waterways. The public should use caution and adhere to advice from local emergency management officials before going on area lakes or rivers.
Visit www.duke-energy.com/lakes/levels.asp or call 1-800-829-LAKE (5253) for current lake levels and special information.