Letters to the editor – Saturday (3-5-2011)

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 4, 2011

Help vets make a joyful noise
The VA Chapel is in need of someone to volunteer to play the organ/piano during Sunday service. Just one hour, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., would certainly mean a lot to the veterans who attend the Sunday services.
Surely someone can help these veterans out. Most Sundays the hymns are sung without music. Come volunteer and make the veterans at the VA Chapel very happy. If you can help, contact Chaplain Wages at 704-287-8794.
ó George Bass
16 seconds to fulfill a dream
Kory Shaffer, a 135-pound wrestler from East Rowan High School, has had some dramatic wins in his career. Usually, everybody that he wrestles is bigger than him, and in the state tournament, everybody was.
In the third-round consolations to place the top six, no points were scored in the first period. In the second period, Kory took the bottom position, which is usually his best spot to score, but he did not score and was called for stalling. The score was still 0-0 after two periods. In the third period his opponent took bottom and soon reversed Kory to go ahead 2-0. Another stalling call left Kory down 3-0.
With 16 seconds left, there was a blood timeout, and we spoke to Kory, whose eyes were filling up with water. He was wondering whether we would be upset with him if he loses.
No, we tell him, but youíre not going to lose. Here is the plan. With 16 seconds left, you are going to escape from your opponent for 1 point; then you will hit a power double, not to take him down but to bang you head off his chest and then rip your head into his chin, hitting a barnyard, throwing him to his back and winning 4-3.
Sixteen seconds to go. Kory got down on the mat. The ref blew the whistle. With 10 seconds left, Kory escapes. The opponent proceeds to run. Kory is trying to shoot his takedown. Wth six seconds left, he hit his power double into the kidís chest, then barnyards him to his back, getting two takedown and two back points, winning 4-3.
Kory won his next two matches against No. 1 seeds to place third.
ó Barry Justus
Justus is the wrestling coach at East Rowan High.
Whoís on first?
Wow, the Salisbury Post sports section really dropped the ball Thursday. East Rowan (defending state 3A champs and ranked No. 1 in the state) opened its season at home against Mt. Tabor, and all we got was a very small paragraph detailing the game. Hard for you to imagine, but there is more to sports in this county than West Rowan football. Even Carson got a half-page story with its opening baseball game.
How about picking up a local schedule and showing these ěMighty Mustangsî some love!
ó Todd Eller
Granite Quarry