Yesterday: Church memories at Stallings

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 31, 2011

Sara Frye Nichols, a Landis resident, submitted this photograph taken outside of Stallings Memorial Baptist Church in Salisbury, circa 1925. She is the first girl standing on the left side of the group, probably what was called the Beginners’ Department. Nichols guesses she was about 3 years old. “Mrs. Rhyne (the pastor’s wife) and I always sat on the back seat of the church,” Nichols recalls of the Sunday services when she was a youngster. She especially admired the pastor’s wife’s silk dresses. At the end of the service, “my assignment was to put the books back in the rack,” she says. That duty gave her mother time to head home and start preparing the Sunday dinner. Nichols attended Stallings until her family — she had four brothers and a sister — moved when she was 10. She is now a member of First Baptist Church in Kannapolis and has lived in Landis since 1952.