Crash at Faith Road, Avalon Drive injures 3

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 29, 2011

By Shelley Smith
Three people were taken to Rowan Regional Medical Center Saturday night after a four-vehicle accident on Faith Road near the intersection of Avalon Drive.
The pileup, which stopped traffic in the east-bound lane of Faith Road for more than an hour, drew in a crowd of spectators on both sides of Faith Road.
Salisbury Police are investigating the wreck, and were not able to determine the cause Saturday night.
A Saturn, with two occupants, was hauling at least six two-by-fours in the trunk, with the wood hanging out of the back several feet.
A Ford Expedition hit the two-by-fours, which went through the grill of the SUV and through the backseat of the Saturn.
The driver of the Expedition was not injured, but was shaken up. The driver and passenger of the Saturn were taken to the hospital.
In front of the Saturn was a Jeep with two occupants. The Saturn hit the Jeep, causing groceries to fall out of the back and onto the road. A bag of hash browns was wedged in the right headlight of the Saturn.
The Jeep hit a Nissan Altima with two occupants, and one of them was taken to the hospital. Police said the Nissan moved about 6 feet after the impact.
Names of those involved in the wreck were not released Saturday night.