Windows Of Opportunity For Home Energy Savings

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 29, 2009

EDITORĂ­S NOTE: This is an edited version of a story by the North American Precis Syndicate. Saving energy by preventing heat loss in your home is one way you can help to mitigate air pollution since the less energy you use, the less power plants have to produce. – – Most energy experts agree that in an average American home, windows are often a significant factor in home energy loss. – – Most people know from experience that windows also contribute to uncomfortable winter drafts, even if they are still in very good condition. This is because even windows that are relatively new and structurally sound may not be very energy efficient. – Unfortunately, many homeowners think the only way to solve this problem is to buy expensive replacement windows. But there are better, more cost-effective options. – A newly released government study indicates that simply adding storm windows to existing windows can make them just as energy efficient as new, high-end replacement options — at a fraction of the cost. That’s good news for homeowners. An average size storm window may cost $50-$70, whereas a replacement window of the same size could easily run $300-400, plus installation. – – Storm windows are easy to install, without the need to pull out windows and tear into walls. Some storm windows can even be installed on the inside. – – So if your existing windows are not leaking, rotting away or warping, you might want to look at storm windows as an economical answer to rising energy costs. – –