Gunfire not the way to ring in the New year

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CONCORD ó The Concord Police Department is reminding residents that firing a gun into the air is no way to ring in the New Year.
According to a city press release, police received calls on nine cases of reported gunfire on New Year’s Eve 2007, followed by 13 reported gunfire calls on New Year’s Day.
On New Year’s Eve 2008, police received two gunfire calls followed by six gunfire calls on New Year’s Day.
City police say people engaging in celebratory gunfire often do not understand or realize the danger posed by firing a bullet into the air. The shots can damage homes and businesses, injure people and pets, and have the potential to be fatal.
Celebratory gunfire is defined as the shooting of a firearm into the air in celebration, according to a city press release. Discharging a firearm into the air is prohibited by law. If caught, violators will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Based on city of Concord code, it is unlawful for any person to shoot or discharge any gun, pistol or other firearm, BB gun, air compression gun, spring gun or other similar device which propels with force a shot, pellet or other projectile within the municipal corporate limits of the city.
If convicted, a person violating the provisions of this section would be guilty of a misdemeanor and could be fined $500 or imprisoned 30 days, or both.
“Concord Police Department wants to ensure that all citizens celebrate the New Year responsibly and safely,” the press release says. “Residents are urged to refrain from shooting any firearms into the air …”
Residents should call 704-920-5580 or in emergencies call 9-1-1 to report any gunfire. If you know of anyone planning to celebrate this way, the city asks that you notify police.