Thieves make off with leftovers

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 14, 2009

Staff report
Someone got an extra large helping of food at a wedding party at Salisbury Station Saturday night.
Someone ó with help ó made off with $3,000 worth of food, according to a Salisbury Police department report.
Marla Eller Lowery called police around 11:30 Saturday night to 215 Depot St. to report the theft.
Lowery, identified as the bride’s mother, reported the theft included 20 pounds of shrimp, 45 chicken breasts, a tray of green beans, a tray of rice pilaf, a tray of squash medley, a tray of cheese crackers and a gallon of tea.
Lowery told police that when she went to load her car the excess food was missing.
Police Chief Mark Wilhelm, who was working security at the wedding event, estimated there were 125 to 150 guests.
Wilhelm and another officer who were working security at the event left around 10 p.m. when the event ended.
According to the police report, a caterer from a Winston-Salem company said he saw two guys with blue coats carrying off the food.
Wilhelm said this is the first time he can recall a food theft at a wedding event.