Letters to the editor – Tuesday (12-15-09)

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 14, 2009

GOP needs to regain political credibility
I have been a life-long Republican but find I am having an increasingly hard time supporting the party given recent events. Under George Bush and a Republican Congress, I witnessed things like:
1. A tariff on steel in a shallow attempt to curry favor with unions that threatened counter tariffs by our trading partners. (Did we learn nothing from the Smoot Hawley debacle under Hoover?)
2. Implementation of Medicare Part D without any intelligent approach to funding it
3. Extraordinary increases in discretionary, nonmilitary spending, including obscene amounts of “pork” in earmarked legislation
Because of the extreme unpopularity of Bush, the country elected Barack Obama, and he has begun a frightening transformation of our country that seeks to expand federal government intrusion in many aspects of our lives, has doubled our national debt in less than 12 months, projects a weak and apologetic foreign and military policy and seeks to implement an intrusive reform of health care that will do nothing to reduce costs.
More recently, Congress just passed the omnibus spending bill that increases governmental expenditures by more than 10 percent. This occurs while our county is still struggling with enormous deficits and high unemployment, while individuals and businesses are experiencing significant pain and many failures. The bill included significant “pork” and the earmarks included substantial amounts by Republicans as well as Democrats.
Republicans are doomed to minority status unless they regain their credibility for fiscal prudence, a small government mindset and a demonstrated faith in the individual and the need to protect their liberty.
They will encourage a self-defeating third party as many voters like me are inclined to wish a pox on both the major parties
ó Carl Repsher
Remembering Al
I remember as a young lad, my dad taking me to Al’s first place to eat. He had the first 25-cent hamburgers in town.
I’d like to have a nickel for every gallon of gas I used cruising Main Street in my ’56 Olds Super 88 hardtop.
Al was a fine man, and he’ll be missed.
ó Grady Holshouser