Donations honor family members, Lutherans

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 12, 2009

By Kathy Chaffin
Katherine Lyerly has served as superintendent/co-superintendent of the children and youth programs at Christiana Lutheran Church for 40-plus years.
“The children have been a major part of my life,” Lyerly says. “It has been a joy working with them.”
Members of the church’s WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Group No. 1, which Lyerly has led for many years, are also very dear to her. “I am so proud of this group for their faithfulness and dedication,” she says. “It is a joy to be their leader.”
Lyerly, who lives between Granite Quarry and Rockwell, made $25 donations to the Christmas Happiness Fund Friday in honor of the children and youth programs and WELCA Group No. 1 along with $25 donations in memory of her deceased family members.
She never married and at age 89, has outlived all three of her siblings, Sister Lucille Lyerly, James C. “Jim” Lyerly and the Rev. Dr. J. Wilford Lyerly.
Katherine Lyerly and her late sister, Sister Lucille Lyerly, began making donations in memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lyerly, and their brother, Jim, years ago.
Katherine continued the tradition after Lucille died. “I’m planning to continue this as long as I can,” she said.
Lyerly always makes the Christmas Happiness donations to run on the second Saturday of December so they will come out in the newspaper the day before she places poinsettias on the altar at Christiana Lutheran in memory of her family members.
She spends Christmas with the families of her niece, Kathy Lyerly Davis, and nephew Brent Lyerly. Kathy and her husband, Jimmy, have two daughters, Laura Katherine, who is a senior in college, and Rebekah Leigh, a college freshman.
Brent and his wife, Patti, have a Shih Tzu named B.J., who Lyerly says is a very important part of the family.
Katherine Lyerly is retired, having worked in medical records at Rowan Regional Medical Center for 18 years and another 22 years for the late surgeon, Dr. Kyle Black.
She is still active at 89. “I keep up my house and I drive,” Lyerly says.
Yesterday’s total$1,955
In loving memory of my father, John C. Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly$25.
In loving memory of my mother, Mrs. John C. Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly$25.
In loving memory of my sister, Sister Lucille Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly $25.
In loving memory of my brother, the Rev. Dr. J. Wilford Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly$25.
In loving memory of my brother, James C. “Jim” Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly $25.
In loving memory of my sister-in-law, Mrs. James C. (Willene) Lyerly, by Katherine Lyerly$25.
In honor of WELCA Group No. 1, Christiana Lutheran Church, by Katherine Lyerly $25.
In honor of the children and youth of the Sunday school, both past and present, of Christiana Lutheran Church by Katherine Lyerly …..$25.
A great person to know ó David Setzer ó by Mr. and Mrs. C.A Peacock$100.
In memory of Marvin and Mary Ruth Sloop by nephews and nieces$20.
Donna Cauble$25.
Corriher Grange$143.
In memory of Mrs. Ethel B. Myers (Our mother would have turned 94 on Dec. 13.) by “The Girls” ó Faye, Fran, Trudy, Carlene and Sara$50.
In honor of Gavin Ray Talley by Greg and Janice Peeler$50.
In memory of James Ray Sides by Greg and Janice Peeler$50.
In honor of our precious granddaughters, Brenna and Sophie Miller, by Sallie and Carl Miller…..$30.
In memory of my son, Jody A. Peeler, by Jane K. Peeler$25.
In memory of my parents, James and Eva Kluttz, and brother-in-law Fred Josey by Jane K. Peeler..$25.
In honor and gratitude for Communities in Schools volunteers by Doris Yost, CIS volunteer coordinator $30.
In loving memory of Ben B. Wagoner and W. Ralph Peeler by Irene Peeler$50.
In honor of our children and grandchildren by Brent and Ruby Watson$50.
In honor of the Rev. J.W. and Dot Loy by Don, Ginny and Hunter…..$50.
In memory of Azula Lingle by Azula Lingle Sunday School Class of Salem Lutheran Church$30.
In memory of Dyral Fessler by Doinna Fessler and in honor of Kevin and Kirk Fessler and family by Donna Fessler$100.
In honor of children and grandchildren ó Rob, Christian, Shane and Mason Porter ó by Robert and Katie Morgan$50.
In memory of Bob and Lucille Kerr, Robert Morgan and in honor of St Mark’s Choir by Ronnie Kerr$100.
In honor of Allison and Madison File, our grandchildren, by Larry and Betty Fesperman$25.
In memory of Carl M. Benfield and Glenn R. Hartzoge by Tim and Marsha$30.
In honor of Carl Stutts and Tessa Lesley by Blanche Stutts….$100.
In memory of Agnes Mixer and in honor of our grandchildren ó Harley, David, Ethen and Siera ó by Harold and Bettie Fesperman$125.
The Women’s Sunday School Class at First Presbyterian Church of Salisbury$80.
In memory of Kelly, Dave, Danielle and Katilyn Borate by Don Markham$50.
In honor of those who have increased their giving by Shelia,,..$50.
In loving memory of our precious sons, Mark and Freddy Gregory, by Dad and Mom$100.
In honor of the Rev. Carroll Robinson ó “the best dog sitter in the world” ó by Chic-Chic and Spud $50.
In loving memory of our parents, Eloise and Harry Miller, and our brother, Jim Miller, by Jane, Peggy and Annette$75.
In memory of Ruth Honeycutt Chambers, W.R. Chambers Sr. and Flora Holbert Sherlin by Ray and Suzie Chambers$50.
Today’s total$2,123
Grand total$27,032.25