Tony Yon runs for sheriff – full letter text

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 11, 2009

From: Tony Yon
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 2:02 PM
Subject: Executive Committee Recommendation for Sheriff

Dear Rowan Republicans,
I would like to thank all of you who braved the inclement weather and attended the special meeting of our Rowan County Republican Party Executive Committee yesterday. For those of you who were not there, I announced that I was resigning as your Chairman in order to run as a Candidate for Sheriff. By law, I was not required to do this until officially filing for the Office with the Board of Elections in February. However, in the interest of fairness to our Party, and to the other Candidates, I felt that this was the right decision to do at this time. I have enjoyed being your Chairman, and have always considered it an honor and a privilege. We have a great group of delegates and I encourage each of you to stay engaged in our Partyís efforts and the political process. Our Vice-Chairman, Donna Peeler will act as Chairman until a new Chairman is elected by the Executive Committee at our January meeting.
Also, for those not attending our meeting, the Executive Committee heard from 7 Candidates (including myself) seeking the appointment for Sheriff by our Commissionerís. Although I had recused myself from the proceedings, I later learned that all of the Candidates were well received in their speeches by all of you delegates. It always amazes me to see, and be a part of the fundamental process of our representative form of government in action. Of the 38 voting delegates, I received a 2/3rds majority vote by secret ballot. For this I thank you! I also later learned that you had overwhelming voted in favor of a Resolution urging our County Commissionerís to elect me, your choice for Sheriff, to fill the vacancy at their next meeting tomorrow. Again, I thank you.
With that said, I am deeply concerned in what I am hearing back from our Commissionerís that they will not elect me as you have directed them to do. Remember, America is a Republic; a representative form of government. You are delegates who represent the will the voters at large. Both of our political parties abide by this process of naming a successor as recommended by their respective Party Executive Committee. A recent example of this that occurred locally was when Register of Deeds, Bobby Earnhart retired and the Rowan County Democrat Party Executive Committee named John Brindle as a successor. For our on Republican majority Board of Commissionerís to ignore your voice in appointing me as your Sheriff is simply unacceptable. You overwhelming saw that change was needed in our Sheriffís Office and you saw that I was the best Candidate for the job! Believe me when I say that there are forces working behind the scenes that are influencing our Commissionerís to ignore your wishes! You should be outraged!
I donít think that our Commissionerís are fully aware of the ramifications of ignoring your vote as if you didnít exist. This goes far beyond Rowan County. We as a local Party are currently united in our cause to keep Rep. Fred Steen in the District 76 seat and to unseat Democrat Rep. Lorene Coates if District 77. I donít need to remind you of the importance of doing that. The whole State Republican Party recognizes the that we must gain a majority in the General Assembly in 2010 in order to control redistricting, and the District 77 seat is a must win for us. With favorable redistricting in this state, we can have a Republican majority in Congress. We donít need our Commissionerís disassociating themselves from our Party at this time. They must also remember that we have three Republican Commissionerís seat open this election and their choice to ignore you will result in their defeat.
I look forward to being your Sheriff and promise to bring honor, professionalism and integrity back to our Sheriffís Office. I urge you to call our Republican Commissionerís before tomorrowís meeting and demand that they stand together in honoring your representative and united voice!
Tony Yon
Candidate for Rowan County Sheriff