Tree falls on Landis home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2009

Staff report
LANDIS ó A tree toppled by the wind may have damaged a Landis home more than $40,000.
Rudy Wise, 503 W. 5th Street arranged for a crew with a crane to come on site today and get the large white pine off the house.
The tree smashed into the rear of the house breaking through into the attic and knocking off a portion of the brick side of the house.
Wise said this morning that his goal is to get tarps or other weatherproof covers over the hole in the back of the house as quickly as possible, given the forecast for several days of rain or snow.
Wise and his wife were attending a funeral in Kannapolis when the storm blew through Wednesday afternoon.
Shortly after the funeral ended, a funeral home director came up to Wise and advised him that he needed to get home immediately.
He arrived home to find the tree in the house and the Landis Fire Department on the scene.
A man working at a neighbor’s house told Wise the tree came down with a very loud bang.