Letters to the editor – Friday (12-11-09)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2009

Better organization needed
for next flu-shot clinic
Take a number, and wait until your number is called for service. How many times have we experienced this? The answer is: many times, especially if we want service at any place where the policy is first come, first served. This is a very simple way to organize a service for people where one can expect several people seeking the same service at the same time.
It seems that the Rowan County Health Department has never heard of such elementary organization. That was the case Tuesday, Dec. 8., when the health department was giving the HINI vaccine. When one arrived, there was no place to sign in, and a number was not given to determine oneís order of service. Instead, people were directed to sit in a room that was arranged with several chairs in several rows. Those in the front went first. The problem was that there were two entrances into the room, and people who were just arriving got in front of those who had been there for some time. This was very poor organization.
I donít know if the problem was a lack of manpower, competence or caring. I only know that it was the worst attempt at any type of organization that I have ever experienced. If it was a lack of manpower, I am sure that there are many senior citizens who would have gladly volunteered to assist with the organization. I hope it was not due to a lack of competence or caring. If it was due to that, we are all in trouble. The citizens of Rowan County deserve a better system of organization at the health department than this.
ó Gordon Correll

Seniors deserve some help
This letter is in response to Ty Cobb and the beef that he seems to have with senior citizens and their livelihood. If memory serves me correctly, his past letter to the editor was the second in a series in which he incessantly complains about Social Security raises and stimulus checks that seniors have received. I cannot think of a more deserving or appropriate group of people to receive some extra help. Perhaps Mr. Cobb would prefer that we give to the big banks, brokers or Wall Street? Would Mr. Cobb suggest that we pour our retirement savings into the stock market or would he push that we do as President George Bush suggested? Just think what a mess we would be in now. It is my opinion that Mr. Cobb needs to find a new whipping post. Wall Street victimized Main Street while the government merely watched. Let’s place the focus and energy on the true issues at hand; the government or Wall Street.
If Mr. Cobb is planning to run for public office, he would do well to remember that senior citizens vote every election.
ó Charlie Hendrix