Christmas Happiness Dec. 8, 2009

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 8, 2009

By Shavonne Potts
Last year, Mabel Barnhardt’s friend Bob Leonard died. He was one of a group of regular mall walkers. She remembered him by donating money to the Christmas Happiness Fund in his honor.
Barnhardt donated $25 this year to her friend and all the others who walk in the mall with her.
The group ó around a dozen most days ó has been meeting in the early mornings to walk at the Salisbury Mall for the past three or four years, she said.
Barnhardt said there are a few new walkers.
“We have been walking for a long time. We’re all retired,” Barnhardt said.
The walkers meet when they can Monday through Friday.
“It’s just good to get up there with friends and start the day,” she said.
Sometimes when the group is done walking they’ll stick around the mall for a snack or some coffee.
Friday’s total: $13,789
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Barnes Sr. and Mr. James D. Barnes Jr. by Larry and Suzanne Turner $45
In memory of Col. Tommy Trexler by Frances Trexler $25
In honor of B.C. and Mary Trexler by Frances Trexler $25
In honor of Joyce Trexler by Frances Trexler $25
In honor of Wynn Trexler by Frances Trexler $25
In memory of our loved ones by Terry and Teresa Trammell $200
In honor of grandchildren Nathan, Allison, Jenna and Carol by Lane and Claudette Brown $100
Rockwell Senior Citizens $25
In memory of Barbara Jo Buckley $100
In honor of our companions: Sugar, Guy Noir and a calico cat to be named by Tom and Joyce Richard $100
In memory of Jeff Brinegar by The family of Jeff $50
In memory of our deceased members by Salisbury/International Women’s Club $100
In memory of J.L. and Doris Basinger by Kathy Varnadore $200
In memory of Michael Leonard Daniel $25
In memory a loving, caring wife, mother and friend by Betty Grubb $100
In memory of Todd Thomas Kimball on his 42nd birthday today by Mom and Dad $142
In memory of our little dog Mitzi by Lavon and Robert Dockham $50
In honor of Sunday school teachers Evelyn Eller, Melvia Menius and Betty Boger $30
In memory of Roger Wallace by Ann, Lori and Mark $50
In memory of Loyd and Gennie, Callie and Calvin by Bud and Retta $100
In memory of Robert Motley by his wife, children and grandchildren $25
In lieu of Christmas Cards and in memory of our parents, F.Y. and Sadie Link, C.A. and Mallie Osborne, Imogene O. Perry and Eugene (Buck) Osborne by Tom and Betty Link $50
Today’s total: $1,617
Grand Total: $17,826