Letters to the editor – Monday (12-7-09)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here we go again …
The head “cowpoke” continues efforts to “give the ranch away.”
President Barack Obama has proposed giving each Social Security (SS) recipient $250 because this coming year, there is no SS cost of of living allowance (COLA) for them.
The cost of living has dropped a bit, so as SS was set up, the COLA is not called for.
Admittedly, there are those who need the $250, but there are many who don’t. I am one of the many. I do not have everything I want, but I have most of what I need. I would rather see my country in a better financial state than to be a $250 recipient. If the government had “extra” money, then bring on that $250, but it does not.
By the way, this would not be so-called “taxpayers’ ” money, it would be borrowed money. This is likely from Communist China, America’s new care taker.
And what does America do when China demands its money back? You got it! We “give them the ranch,” say Yellowstone National Park or Alaska or Hilton Head Island.
Why not give those who receive less than $1,000 a month in SS the $250, and the rest be happy with what they have?
Hello, Washington! This is common sense calling!
ó Ty Cobb Jr.
Equality on health coverage
The solution to health-care reform is very simple. As our public “servants,” as our elected representatives say they are, I’m sure they have created a health plan that is the very best for us, but it does not include them, our servants.
As an honest employer, I want my “servants” to have as good a coverage as I have, so let’s do away with all the federal health insurance, from our top “servant” to the bottom “servants,” and put all of them on our fabulous new plan, making us all equal, which as Americans we should be.
My alternative suggestion is to let all the “employers” go on the servants’ plan. I don’t mind “downgrading” in order to equalize. (Ha ha). That way, there is only one insurance to support. We will graciously let our servants make the choice.
As God’s children, we are all equal, and as Americans we are supposed to be the same. The poor in our country already have everything free, and I have no problem with those who can’t do any better. (A lot of them could do better, but hey, it’s free.)
The rich don’t need or care about the insurance debate. It’s none of their concern. So it’s the servants and employers who need to equalize. I’d change places right now to be a servant or anyone who works for the government and be on the federal insurance plan.
One more thing: Our servants vote themselves raises but give senior citizens none. They also double-dip. They get their wonderful federal pensions, but that’s not enough; they also take our Social Security. (No wonder it is going broke). It should be one way or the other.
Just as I want the best health care for them, as loyal servants they should want the best for all of us.
ó Doris Ludwick
Raceway auction: What a deal!I am not a real estate guru, nor am I a rocket scientist, but I am an avid fisherman … and something smells awfully bad here.
Can some Rowan County sage explain to me ó and everyone else in this reading area ó how anyone in the year 2009 can walk away with 200 acres of property for $800 bucks? Donald Rand had the highest bid on High Rock Properties, the site that was supposed to be a planned world-class road course in Spencer. Gosh, gentle readers, when was the last time you could actually purchase land for $4 per acre? Of course, the land comes with $4.5 million in liens and other nasty legal things, but $800!? What a deal!
I suppose the answer is “let the buyer beware.” Perhaps in this case we can also say, “Let the seller give away the farm.”
By the way, if anyone is interested, I have some swampland ó err, I mean a pristine wetland ecosystem in Florida for sale. I’m thinking of $3.98/acre.
ó Salvatore Michael Trento
Thanks for the sweet treats
On behalf of the board of Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, I would like to thank the following for the help they gave to the Faithful Friends bake sale, held Dec. 5 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Thanks to Stitchin Post and Wooden Stone stores for letting us set up in front of their businesses; Koko Java for donating carafes of coffee and hot water for our hot chocolate; volunteers ó MaryLou Lipscomb, Cheryl Peevy, Lora Owen, Amy Pearson. Grace Pearson, Jordan Hall, Alma Marshall, Patricia Caiazza and the young lady who helped sell raffle tickets in the morning, whose name I neglected to write down.
Then, a big thank you to all of the bakers who made such luscious goodies; cakes (pound, chocolate, Hershey bar chocolate, carrot, yellow), warm muffins (yum), cookies, cookie bars, cupcakes, bread, brownies, vegan cookies, doggie and kitty treats, and peanut candy. Everything looked great, smelled even better, and sold quickly. You all are awesome!!
Happy holidays to all and thank you for your support.
ó Linda Shapleigh
Faithful Friends board member