Sign up ends today for Christmas Happiness

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

By the end of today, we’ll know if there’s enough Christmas Happiness to go around. Or how long the waiting list is.

Today is the final sign up for those seeking assistance for their children this year. The fund, with leftovers from 2005, had collected just enough to cover those qualifying for help as of last Thursday. Contributions have been strong the last few days, including almost $5,000 today.

But will it be enough?

Those placed on the waiting list will know by Friday whether or not Santa is coming to their house. Since the Department of Social Services and the banks close Friday afternoon until after Christmas, your donation must be here Friday morning to make a difference this year.

Bring contributions to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mail them to The Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639. Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you wish your donation listed.

Yesterday’s total $37,748.55

In honor of Dr. Bret R. Busby, Dr. William W. Webb III, Dr. Ozzie Reynolds and Dr. Wayne Koontz for their many kindnesses. The Scarveys $100.00

To honor the Harvesters of Milford Hills Baptist, from B. Lloyd $25.00

Anonymous $40.00

In memory of our founder, Polly Garner Holshouser, from First United Church of Christ Circle No. 7 $100.00

Brooks Sunday School Class, St. John’s Lutheran Church $305.00

Audrey Straughn $100.00

In memory of Kelly Cartner and in honor of Paula Hoffman, from Mom and Dad $100.00

In loving memory of Mary Hedrick Lambe, from Evelyn, Johnny, Paul and Kay, Ruth and Jack, Louise and Ralph and Shirley $150.00

In honor of Ann Morris, from the Methodist Connection $25.00

In memory of Eric Brooks, from Frankie and Joyce Adams $100.00

In honor of Lawson, Trevor and Luke, from Mom and Dad $40.00

In honor of Pat and Harry Cooke, John and Peggy Carter, Ray and Gwen Pope, Mize and Ebbie Whisenant, from George and Blanche $100.00

In memory of our parents, from Larry and Sandra McKenzie $300.00

In memory of Carolyn T. Deadmon, my wife, and Helen C. Deadmon, my mother, from John F. Deadmon III $25.00

In memory of Mark and Wilma McKnight and Claude and Ruth Benson, from M.D. and Mary Ann McKnight $100.00

In loving memory of Frank H. Basinger and Florence B. Basinger, from Janis B. Eury $20.00

In honor of the teachers and staff of Erwin Middle School, from Erwin Middle School National Junior Honor Society $50.00

In memory of recently deceased members Ruth Cook, Lillian Gentry and Hazel Herrin, from Livengood-Peeler-Wood Legion Auxiliary Post 448, Granite Quarry $50.00

In memory of my husband Grey, from Evelyn Kerr $100.00

In honor of our parents, children and grandchildren, from Wayne and Dolly Moose $25.00

In memory of my husband, Rudy Butler, and my parents, Betty and Guy Poplin, from Bo Butler $50.00

In lieu of cards, Merry Christmas to all our Rowan County friends, from Frank and Marie Fork $25.00

In honor of my husband, Harold Barrier, and my brother, Dwight Wilhelm, from Jennie W. Barrier $20.00

In honor of my teachers at Rockwell Elementary, Mrs. Hinshaw and Mrs. Bass, from Katie Hedspeth $10.00

In honor of my Sunday school teachers at Grace United Methodist Church, Mrs. Sandy Bevels and Mrs. Sherry Trawick, from Katie Hedspeth $10.00

In honor of my choir directors at Grace United Methodist Church, Mrs. Leeann Jefferies and Mrs. Tina Grubb, from Katie Hedspeth $10.00

In honor of our youth director at Grace United Methodist Church, Jonathan Smith, and our youth counselor, Mrs. Francis Weant, from Kelsey and Andrew Hedspeth $10.00

Jesse and Patsy Medlin $50.00

In honor of our grandchildren Elizabeth, Allison, Ben, Kevin, Sydney, Tyler, Emily, Kelli and Clayton, from Jim and Marjorie Kelly $50.00

In memory of our wonderful friend Charlie Lowder $40.00

For the children, from the Shue family $100.00

In honor of Chris, Matt and Gavin $100.00

In loving memory of our daughter, Sharon McGuire Owens, and in honor of Randy and Jamie, from Dee and Jack McGuire $25.00

In loving honor of our “grands” and “greats”: Cindy, Shannon, Thomas, Chad, Christina, Mollie, Sallie, Joseph, Jordan, Rhett and Amelia, from Frank and Dellene $100.00

Anna Lois Knox $100.00

In honor of our family members $40.00

In memory of T.H. Beckom and in honor of Jean Beckom, from Sylvia Brooks, Vicki McSwain and families $100.00

In memory of Lt. Cpl. Nathan Elrod, from John and Virginia Earnhardt $100.00

In loving memory of my mom, Melda Killion, and all of our other wonderful friends and family members that we have lost over the years. You taught me to share and do for others, so this should help. We miss you so. Love from Peggy and Boyd $500.00

In honor of our wonderful granddaughters, Alex and Brittany Livengood, and our families, near and far, and all of our friends. We are so thankful. Love from Boyd and Peggy (Grandmommy and Granddaddy Moon) $500.00

In memory of our parents, Eugene and Georgiana Thompson, Guy and Ethel Cobb, from Wayne and Judy Cobb $25.00

In memory of H.E. and Elma Isenhour, Bill and Hattie Cain, Carl and Adella Houck and Hannah Palmer and in honor of our children and grandchildren, Charles and Charlie Isenhour, David and Karen Isenhour, Tiffany and Charlotte Isenhour, Annie Lee Cox, Juanita Newby, Norman “Wag” and Barbara Wagoner, Betty Yates and Hal and June Ervin and in honor of “Miss Donna” Painter and the Dannettes Dancers Hazel Trexler-Campbell, Cleo Dick, Nancy Gokey, Jane Smith-Steinberg and Ellen Trexler, from Nancy and Bob Isenhour $300.00

Daisy Hedrick Sunday School Class, First United Methodist Church $100.00

Anonymous $50.00

In honor of Carolyn Barker, North Hills Christian School, from her Secret Angel $25.00

In honor of our loving family and friends and our church family at Haven Lutheran and Christiana Lutheran churches. May God’s love enrich your lives, from Harry and Doris Agner $100.00

Faith Bible Class, Enon Baptist Church $100.00

Anonymous $25.00

In memory of Clarence and Sara Kluttz and Louis and Margot Hamlin, from Mac and Ann Blankenship $50.00

In memory of Jim Laughridge, from the Laughridge family $100.00

In memory of two very special friends: Gwenda and Simone, from Betsy $25.00

In memory of Edwin R. Fuller, from Ed Fuller Jr. $25.00

In memory of Edwin R. Fuller, from Eddie Fuller III $25.00

In memory of Margaret Parker Lloyd, from Eddie Fuller III $25.00

In memory of Margaret Parker Lloyd, from Barbara Fuller $50.00

In memory of Madolyn Yates, from a friend $25.00

In memory of Bernard Williams, Gran, Mimi and Pop Bost and in honor of Mom, Neely and Brad, from Brandon $70.00

Today’s total $42,663.55