Generous folks donate nearly $11,000 in one day for Christmas Happiness

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow! Talk about responding!

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our readers and Christmas Happiness supporters, the 2006 fund drive is once again healthy. Today’s donations totaled a whopping $10,854. That pushes the fund ahead of Dec. 21 donations in 2005 by about $500.

Most importantly, however, it means the Department of Social Services workers can issue vouchers to everyone who applied for help this year.

Fifty-five years and still going strong, the Christmas Happiness fund continues to be a miracle maker for disadvantaged children in Rowan County.

The last list of contributions before Christmas will be in Saturday’s paper and must be at the Post by noon Friday to be included.

Bring contributions to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mail them to The Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639. Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you wish your donation listed.

Yesterday’s total $46,998.55

In memory of Chuck Barringer, from Cody Opel $48.00

In memory of Chuck Barringer, from Carly Opel $50.00

In memory of Chuck Barringer, from Colton $48.00

The Gobblers $125.00

In memory of Hayden C. Miller Sr. and Phillip L. Miller, from Connie Overcash $20.00

In honor of our grandparents, Ralph and Linda Adams. We love you, Melissa, Stephen, Alex, Maren and Austin $300.00

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. N.M. and Nafie Gemayel, from their family $640.00

To the precious memory of Jon Bost. Love, your family $100.00

In honor of our children, Sarah and Michael, from Bob and Mari Wright $100.00

In honor of all of our teachers, past and present, for their time and dedication, from Will, Amelia and Joe Steinman $100.00

In honor of our sons and daughters-in-law: Todd and Gail Johnston, Todd and Jackie Shumaker and Matt and Kim Shumaker. Merry Christmas! Linda and Ralph Adams $300.00

Anonymous $10.00

Anonymous $250.00

Christiana Lutheran Church Discussion Class $100.00

In honor of the teachers of Christiana Lutheran Church’s Men’s Bible Class $50.00

In memory of “Marty” Faggart, Tom, “Brownie,” Jerry, Vickie, Fred and Lucille Faggart and in honor of Jim Faggart, from George, Fran and Robin Faggart $100.00

In memory of Lubertha Glenn, from the Missionary Circle, Fairview Heights Baptist Church $100.00

In memory of Mary C. Harrison $200.00

In honor of our patients and hoping that all children will have something to smile about on Christmas, Busby and Webb Orthodontics $300.00

In honor of the Silver Slippers Pool Group: Bob, Jim, Henry, Lonnie, Chris, Clay, Jim and Doug, from Jay $25.00

In memory of our great-grandparents, L.M. and Mae Snider, from Eric, Brett, Kaci and Tyler Mulkey $100.00

In loving memory of Bob Richardson, from Phyllis Richardson $35.00

Anonymous $20.00

In memory of our parents, Edd and Maie F. Wagoner and Ed and Ruth K. Uzzell; son Randy Wagoner; uncle and aunt Jake and Inez K. Sloan, from Norman and Barbara U. Wagoner $50.00

In honor of our grandchildren, Jordan and Grayson Short, Taylor Boyd and Jake Pulley, from Norman and Barbara U. Wagoner $50.00

In memory of Richard, from Patsy $100.00

In memory of our son, Randall Gore, from Steve and Malynda Peeler $25.00

CCS Walking Group $165.00

In memory of Linda Sharpe and Dale Sharpe, from Randy, Debbie and Tyler Miller $25.00

Miller Davis Studios Inc. $322.00

Chapter One Book Club $160.00

In honor of our wives, from the Lutheran Men in Mission, Christiana Lutheran Church $100.00

Anonymous $50.00

In memory of Geraldine Miller and in honor of Leo Miller $100.00

In honor of Sunday school teachers Billy Goodman and Debbie Miller, from the Arthur Shipton Sunday School Class $50.00

In loving memory of our husband and father, W. Aubrey Linton, from Marion and Marsha Linton $100.00

In honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and with love to my mother, Marion Linton, from Marsha Linton $35.00

In memory of PawPaw Murph, from Michael and Melissa $25.00

In memory of Uncle Ken, from Michael and Melissa $25.00

In memory of Sarah and Matthew Lins, from Mark, Jennie and Ian Lins $100.00

In memory of Marvin Bonzo, from Erma Bonzo, daughter Cynthia Davis and granddaughter Christina Owens $100.00

In honor of my dear friends Al and Thelma Boulus, from Erma Bonzo $25.00

In memory of Myrtice and Dimp Roberts, from Ginny P. Mabey and Andy Parnell $100.00

In memory of Irvin Parnell Sr., from Ginny P. Mabey and Andy Parnell $50.00

Anonymous $25.00

In memory of Larry Bullock, Robert and Pam Hager $25.00

In loving memory of my wife, Hazel Anderson, for the many years of happiness we had together, from Bill Anderson $50.00

In honor of Elizabeth “Lib” Kesler, from John and Annie $25.00

In honor of Louise Parnell, from John and Annie $25.00

In memory of Dr. Steve Thurston $100.00

In memory of T. Craig Campbell, from Brian, Lindsay and Shaw Ashley and Cindi Campbell $15.00

Hanford Dole Elementary School $100.00

In memory of my precious wife “Lill” and in honor of our children Sharon, Charles and Scott $500.00

In memory of Nana, Lucille Sifford, from Josh Sifford $26.00

In honor of our children James and Emily Talley and Leslie Peeler and our grandson Gavin Talley, from Gregory and Janice Peeler $100.00

In honor of our teacher, Sharon Deming, from the Good News Sunday School Class, Faith Lutheran Church $50.00

In honor of my great grandchildren, from Libbie Deal $25.00

In memory of Frances Adams and Frankie Land and in honor of Second and Third Thursday Bridge Club friends, from Barbara Safley $50.00

From the children of First United Methodist Church, China Grove $450.00

In loving memory of my husband Howard Goodman, from Virginia Goodman $100.00

In memory of Ken, from Judy $20.00

Anonymous $50.00

In memory of Anna Beam Hendrick, from Anna Lois Knox $100.00

In loving memory of my husband Ray Casey, my parents Bob and Clelia Eakins Myers and my sister Rosalie M. Young. I love and miss you all. Love, Carolyn M. Casey $25.00

In loving memory of my dad Ray Casey. I love you Daddy, Love, Kelly L. Casey $25.00

In memory of “Ran,” a friend we hold dearly, and in honor of our special friends Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Carolyn Hurley and Mrs. Mary Ellen Turner, from Andy K and family $100.00

In loving memory of my husband Robert F. Bost, from Mildred S. Bost $50.00

In honor of Glenn and Susan Ketner, from John, Alex and Bo Ketner $50.00

Anonymous $15.00

To memorialize Jack, from Ann $100.00

In honor of Lois Lesley and Blanche Stutts $250.00

Anonymous $40.00

In memory of our parents, Claude and Emery Lipe and Gene and Ruby Morris, from Becky and Harold Morris $25.00

In honor of Tyler and Jacob, from Nana and Papaw $25.00

Joyce O. Walmer $50.00

In memory of James W. Shuping, from Terri S. Correll $20.00

In loving memory of loving parents Morris and Lois Carlson, loving sisters Kathryn Stake and Brenda Smith and loving dog Samantha Carlson, from Gary and Gloria Carlson $200.00

In memory of Scott and Sean Ennis, from Daddy and Susan $50.00

In honor of my Campbell girls, from Kathryn Trivette $25.00

In honor of our children and grandchildren, from Bob and Jean Connelly, Pop and Nana $100.00

Paul, Lynn and Meredith Weisler $100.00

In honor of the administration, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni of Salisbury High School, from Kent Roberts $100.00

In honor of Alice Purcell, Al Hoffman and all members of Everyman’s Bible Class, First Presbyterian Church, from Kent Roberts $100.00

In memory of my parents Myrtice and Dimp Roberts and grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gobble and Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Roberts, from Kent Roberts $100.00

In honor of all member of Salisbury Elks Lodge 699, from Kent Roberts $100.00

In honor of our children and grandchildren: Amy and Scott Shue, Lori and Charlie Graeber, Elizabeth Ann and Luke Graeber, from Mims and Pa-Paw Snider $50.00

In memory of Jack Misenheimer III, from Joyce Misen heimer $25.00

In memory of Vicky Buchanan –We miss you! Sisters in Xi Delta Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi $50.00

In loving memory of my sister Leslie Tucker, from Linda Thomas $50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. Smith $75.00

In loving memory of my mother Nan Turman, from Brenda Scoggins $100.00

In memory of Barry Alley, Phil Barber and Jim Williamson, from Ruby and Jewell Alley $100.00

Earl C. Wilkinson $100.00

In memory of Matt Cress, from Steve McCombs $100.00

In memory of Ilene Wise, Irene Ritchie, Tripp Lampert, Kathleen Gray, Blanche Lampert, West Spain, Paul Ritchie and Norman Beaver, from Pocito and Swicy $20.00

In memory of Steve Durovic, from the Ansbro family $25.00

In honor of my bridge friends Becky, Mary, Susie, Joy, Linda, Penny, Judy, Julia, Minnie and Charlene, from Sarah $50.00

In memory of my parents Gene and Mae Corl, from Pat Hill $25.00

In honor of the Rev. Dan and Beth Gobble, from Providence United Methodist Women $200.00

In memory of Mike and Jimmy Ryan and James A. Ryan Jr., from Mrs. James A. Ryan Jr. and family $25.00

In honor of Christ Jesus, from Ladies Bible Class, Shiloh Reformed Church of Faith $25.00

In honor of Caden and Alyssa Bolick $250.00

Walter and Hilda Ramseur $50.00

In honor of Hazel and Daryl Shores, from Sarah and Jim Bailey $20.00

In loving memory of Lillian Gentry, from Don and Gayle Weddington $50.00

In loving memory of our grandmother, Lillian Gentry, from Ashley and Daniel Snipes and Brandi and Shawn Boling $50.00

In honor of our great country, our people and our freedom — Merry Christmas from Rebecca McKinley $500.00

Anonymous $100.00

Merry Christmas from Phillip Jared Douthit $25.00

In honor of the Rev. Sandy and Dave Kern $100.00

In honor of Mabel Rhyne and in memory of the Rev. Alfred Rhyne and Michael, from Gary and Sue Teague $100.00

In honor of our grandchildren, from Ma-ma and Pa-pa $25.00

In memory of Fred and Lucille Cruse Faggart, Jerry and Vicki Sellers Faggart and Tom, Brownie, Marty and Eric Faggart, from Jim Faggart $200.00

Today’s total $57,852.55