Christmas Happiness fund coming up short

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

They gave out of money before lunchtime Tuesday.

Department of Social Services workers distributed the $42,663.55 collected so far this year, plus what was left in late donations and the unused portions of vouchers from the 2005 Christmas Happiness fund, to those applying Tuesday morning.

Those who showed up in the afternoon went away empty-handed. Well, not quite. They did get “IF” letters telling them they would have to come back Friday for their vouchers, if money is donated to cover them.

DSS workers say there are still a lot of children waiting for the $30 Christmas Happiness vouchers. It will take more than $10,000 to cover all of them.

Today’s donations of $4,335 brings the 2006 total to almost $47,000, still $5,000 less than what was raised by Dec. 20, 2005, and $23,000 less than last year’s grand total.

This isn’t shaping up to be a record-breaking year for contributions. But we definitely don’t want Christmas 2006, the fund’s 55th year, to be the one in which the miracles didn’t happen for part of the children.

Donations must be at the Post Friday morning to reach the families before the DSS and bank offices close that afternoon.

Bring contributions to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mail them to The Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639. Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you wish your donation listed.

Yesterday’s total $42,663.55

In memory of Alice and in honor of Dennis, Gene and Ruth, from Karen and Johnny $25.00

In memory of my Aunt Helene McCray Chocklett on her birthday, from Carole and Ron Massey $100.00

In honor of Becky and Gene Auten’s 50th wedding anniversary (Dec. 23, 1956). Love, Gladys $100.00

In honor of my loving grandchildren McKay, Asher and Connor, from Mimi $100.00

In honor of First Presbyterian Church’s Everyman Bible Class teachers: Al Hoffman, our leader, and teachers Jake Alexander, Tony Almeida, Bob Harris, Jay Whittington, Dan Williams, Vic Bost, Don Sayers and Trevor Williams, from Johnny Safrit $200.00

Anonymous $200.00

In loving memory of Mary L. Beaver, from Marsha and Dale Beaver $25.00

In memory of Dot Epting, Peggy Coble and Laura Coble and in honor of Bill Epting and Bob Coble, from Hazel and Jim Epting $100.00

In memory of Mildred Merrell and in honor of Dwight Miller, Elbert Kluttz and Jack Lanning, teachers, from the Mildred Merrell Sunday School Class, Union Lutheran Church $50.00

In honor of Pastor Chad Walker and St. Mark’s congregation in lieu of Christmas cards, from Pat and Bill $25.00

In memory of Albert and Ada Hartley, from Bill and Pat $15.00

In memory of Harold and Elizabeth Bassinger, from Bill and Pat $15.00

In memory of our parents, from Buck and Hilda Osborne $25.00

Anonymous $150.00

In honor of Charles Hellard’s Sunday School Class in lieu of Christmas cards, from John and Anne Ratliff $100.00

In honor of the Classy Red Hat Society in lieu of Christmas cards, from Anne Ratliff $25.00

In loving memory of Owen R. Simpson, from his family $100.00

Saints & amp; Sinners Class, Organ Lutheran Church $100.00

In loving memory of our grandmother, Linda Roakes Beaver, from Grant and Landon Watts $50.00

In honor of 3 super grandsons, from Nana and Gramps $25.00

Anonymous $100.00

In honor of the doctors and nurse practioners at RDC, from employees of RDC $310.00

Men’s Parking Lot Sunday School Class, Shiloh Reformed Church of Faith $100.00

In memory of all deceased members, from J.C. Price American Legion Post 107 $100.00

Norbert and Carolyn Gedemer $200.00

In memory of Debbie Shermer, from Lind and Gordon Shermer $100.00

In memory of my father, Peter Shadroui. He is loved and missed $40.00

In memory of Helen K. Little and in honor of Blanche H. Mull, from Charlie and Phyllis Little $100.00

In honor of Will and Neely and Miranda and Tyler. Love ya always $100.00

In honor of Joe and Julian Krider, from B & amp;B $250.00

In loving memory of Lewis J. Alsobrooks, from Margaret L. Alsobrooks $25.00

In memory of Velna Young Shuping. Thank you for always making our Christmases be happy, from Sandra and Lora Owen $50.00

In honor of Daisy Hedrick Sunday School Class, First United Methodist Church, from Primary Purpose Group $50.00

In memory of our good friend, Willa Orr, from the Lunch Bunch $100.00

In memory of grandparents, Addie and Fred Waller and Tom and Beulah Cauble, from Brenda Cauble $100.00

In honor of parents Carl and Evelyn Cauble, from Linda Cauble $100.00

In honor of children Brenda and Linda, Steve Cauble, from Carl and Evelyn Cauble $100.00

Shining Stars Club $50.00

Anonymous $5.00

In memory of the Rev. and Mrs. Zeb Baker and Ardel Baker. Love, Barbara Jo, Darryl, Claire and Addison Corriher $25.00

In memory of Justin David Powell, from A.D. and Jane Powell $50.00

In honor of Timber Run neighbors and backdoor neighbor Frances Trexler, from A.D. and Jane Powell $50.00

In honor of Rowan Regional Medical Center’s Radiology Department, from Drs. Fred Dula Jr., James C. Johnson, Paul Capito, Jeffrey Ralston, Marvin Abdalah and Matthew Taffon $500.00

Fulton Masonic Lodge 99 $200.00

Today’s total $46,998.55