Babcock Hall students would like to get in some hot water

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

By Holly Fesperman Lee

Salisbury Post

Students in Livingstone College’s Babcock Hall haven’t had hot water for the past two weeks, says a father who has a daughter who lives in the residence hall.

George Jackson said his sophomore daughter hasn’t been able to take a hot shower in her residence hall in two weeks. “They’ve told them to go to other dorms or boil some hot water. That’s prehistoric,” Jackson said.

According to Jackson, a gas leak is to blame. He said that once the leak was discovered, staff members cut off the dorm’s gas supply and haven’t made any move toward repairing it and restoring the hot water.

Livingstone Vice President State Alexander first said he wasn’t aware of the problem. He called the college’s physical plant to find out. Workers there handle all the school’s maintenance.

Alexander confirmed that there was a gas leak and the hot water had been turned off. “It had been turned off to repair that gas leak. Now that it’s been repaired, it’s back on,” Alexander said.

He said it took about eight days to get the parts needed to fix the leak and have them installed.

Shower facilities were available at two neighboring women’s residence halls, Alexander said.

Jackson said he talked with his daughter, three of her dorm mates and Babcock Hall’s resident director Wednesday afternoon. All told him the water was still cold.

Alexander said the hot water is on, but it’s taking time for the large hot water heater to fill and heat after being empty.

Jackson said he felt the problem should have been handled within a week. He said he hated to complain, but, “I pay too much money.”

Jackson said yearly tuition is now about $20,000 and no attempt has been made to adjust room and board costs.

Alexander said he didn’t think a tuition adjustment was necessary because it was an unforeseen problem and shower facilities were available.

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