Water restrictions begin Water restrictions begin water

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staff report
With the moderate drought conditions in the region and the resulting reduced stream flows, officials from Concord, Kannapolis, Landis and Harrisburg have announced voluntary water restriction for all customers.
These local governments are asking residents to voluntarily conserve water to assist with achieving a 3 percent to 5 percent reduction goal.
“Our past experience has shown us our residents and businesses respond quickly and reduce their usage when voluntary restrictions are in place,” Kannapolis City Manager Mike Legg said.
Landis Town Administrator Reed Linn added, “Landis residents are also vigilant in conserving water when voluntary restrictions are announced.”
The town plans to formally adopt the restrictions at its Monday meeting, Linn said.
Following the adoption, there will be notices posted on all public buildings and a notice included in next month’s water bills.
Since the restrictions are voluntary, he said, those who don’t abide by them won’t suffer any penalties such as being ticketed by authorities.
Linn said that Landis has gotten its fair share of rain and that the voluntary restrictions are more of a sign of support for the suffering in surrounding areas.
The last time Landis underwent water restrictions was in the 2002 drought.
Landis gets its water from Kannapolis and Salisbury.
Landis Public Works Director Steve Rowland said the town uses about 208,000 gallons of water daily. Of that, 75,000 is from Salisbury.
“We don’t think the restrictions will affect us all that much,” Rowland said.
Customers are encouraged to comply with the following voluntary water reduction measures to try to avoid mandatory restrictions should rainfall levels fail to improve:
n Watering lawns and gardens should be limited to the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. A spring loaded nozzle or handheld watering device should be used for ornamental or other individual plants watered outside these hours.
n Household water should be reused for watering plants.
n Use of water for wash down of outside areas such as driveways or parking lots should be curtailed.
n Faucets should not be left running while shaving, brushing teeth or washing dishes.
n The use of washing machines and dishwashers should be limited if possible and these units should be operated with full loads.
n Washing of cars or other vehicles should be curtailed to Saturday or Sundays. Hoses should not be left running while washing vehicles. Use of commercial car washes that recycle water is encouraged.
n The use of flow restrictions and other water saving devices is encouraged.
n Showers should be used for bathing and limited to four minutes or less.
Filling of pools shall be deferred or limited to hours between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
Lake Howell, Lake Fisher, Lake Concord and Lake Kannapolis are below full pond, but within normal operational ranges. However, reduced streamflow and below normal rainfall amounts are a cause for concern and are being closely monitored.
“As in years past, we are being proactive in managing our water resources,” said Concord City Manager Brian Hiatt.
On the Web: www.ci.concord.nc.us and www. cityofkannapolis.com. Reporter Shavonne Potts contributed to this story.