Surprise! Those weren’t kidney pains she was feeling

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Susan Shinn
Stacy Frick worked three days this past week as a new teacher at China Grove Elementary School.
She’ll be taking the next few weeks off, however.
On Thursday morning, Stacy, a fourth-grade teacher, delivered a son, Daniel Trantham Frick.
Until she arrived at the emergency department of Rowan Regional Medical Center, Stacy and her husband, Garret, both 22, had no idea they were having a baby.
“It was a complete surprise,” Stacy said Friday afternoon, cuddling her baby. “A good surprise.”
Daniel weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 19 inches long.
After hearing the amazing news on Thursday, Stacy’s colleagues at China Grove Elementary sprang into action. By Friday morning, packs of diapers, clothing, a bassinet, changing table, even a Diaper Genie were delivered to the school office by faculty members.
“We’re all excited,” said Stacy’s mom, local caterer Debbie Suggs. “We’re so shocked and overwhelmed to boot.”
Teachers are known for their flexibility and quick response, and members of China Grove’s faculty were no different in this situation.
“I have an event that most principals don’t get,” Principal Jenny Kennerly said Friday morning.
Stacy called the office Thursday morning to report that she wasn’t feeling good and was going to the hospital. By 9:30, the secretary pulled Jenny out of a classroom, saying, “You’ve gotta come take a call. Now.”
It was Garret.
“Is Stacy OK?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah,” Garret said, “but we have a baby.”
Jenny said the faculty was glad to help out. “It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over,” she said. “When something good happens, you just get so excited and want to help รณ and we did.”
Debbie was impressed.
“They’ve just gone out of their way,” she said. “It’s just wonderful what they’ve done.”
Garret, too, felt the same.
“They really pulled together and got a lot of stuff,” he said Friday afternoon, gazing at his son. “My truck was completely full. I had to pull over twice on the way home because I was crying.”
Stacy’s dad, Doug, had to go pick up another load of goodies from school. Luckily, Daniel will have a room of his own when he and his mom go home either today or Sunday.
A spare bedroom which held a desk, ironing board, bed and coffee table has been cleaned out and vacuumed and is being readied for Daniel.
So we know what you’re thinking about now: How could Stacy not know she was pregnant?
Stacy, who doesn’t smoke or drink, had no symptoms to indicate she was pregnant, no morning sickness, and very little weight gain. She even had her period each month, which is unusual but not unheard of.
On Wednesday night, her back began hurting and hurt all night. She didn’t know she was in labor until she got to the hospital.
“I thought I had a kidney infection and it turned into a baby,” Stacy said.
The emergency department physician examined her and said to her, “You have a foot coming out and we’re taking you up to labor and delivery now.”
Daniel was in a breech position but doctors were able to turn him in time.
They worked fast.
It was only 20 minutes from the time Stacy came in the emergency department until Daniel made his appearance.
He is definitely a young man in a hurry.
Stacy and Garret chose Daniel because that’s Garret’s middle name, and the baby received the middle name of Trantham, after Stacy’s grandfather. Daniel also inherited his grandfather’s cleft palate, which will be repaired soon. The baby is having no trouble eating.
Garret and Stacy have been married for two years. They had talked about having a family, but wanted Stacy to get settled in her new teaching job.
Daniel, however, had other plans.
His mom doesn’t seem to mind.
“He’s sweet, that’s for sure,” Stacy said.