Rowan County youth participate in Northwest 4-H District event

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Sara Drake for the Salisbury Post

The Northwest 4-H District held its annual Winterfest at Sci-Works in Winston-Salem on Jan 26-27.

More than 70 youth and adults participated in the event. Summer Curlee, Alex Hipp, Hannah Hursey, Jacob Karriker, Shelby Karriker, Courtney Lowman, Christie Overman and 4-H Agent Sara Drake represented Rowan County 4-H.

The event focused on the state 4-H theme of “Cloverology: A Scientific Solution.” This theme emphasizes the areas of agriscience, air and space, electricity and technology and environmental science.

Youth participated in a Space Quest program conducted by Sci-Works staff. They explored the obstacles to human space flight and the technology that has enabled us to overcome those obstacles. Participants also learned about escape velocity and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

They saw how astronauts operate in microgravity and the vacuum of space. They also learned what dangers await space travelers and how the human body reacts in the harsh environment.

After the program, youth had the opportunity to explore the interactive, hands-on exhibits and programs in throughout the museum. Before leaving, participants also had the opportunity to visit the Environmental Park.

For more information about the Rowan County 4-H program, contact Sara Drake, 4-H Extension Agent, at 704-216-8970 or For more information about 4-H or NC Cooperative Extension, call the Rowan Extension Office or visit http://rowan.