Profile: Michael Phillips, attorney

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Occupation: Attorney
Age: 31
Background: A native of New Jersey who also lived in upstate New York though he was raised primarily in Charleston, S.C.
Education: Earned an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina and his law degree from N.C. Central University in Durham.
Career path: Earned his law degree while in the Marines from 1997 to June 2007. Stationed in Virginia, Rhode Island and Iraq. Served as a Marine judge advocate, ruling on everything from court martials to child custody cases and marital issues. Had hundreds of clients. “Outside of my family, I don’t love anything more than the Marine Corps,” Phillips said.
Opened his law practice at 1121 Old Concord Road in Salisbury in November. Handles virtually all types of law ó civil, real estate, immigration and criminal, included.
Said he has enjoyed his stay in Rowan County thus far, and hopes to enjoy a long career here.
Role model: Has quite a few, including his grandfather, who is also named Michael Phillips. On a national scale, considers Bill Clinton a role model.
Quote to live by: “You want to do everything with honor. Everything you want to do, you want to do courageously. You remain totally committed to that which you take upon yourself to do.”
Pet peeve: “I’m a neat freak. I can’t stand messiness.”
State or race relations in Rowan County: Still a relative newcomer to the area, but said the Rowan County Bar Association and his fellow attorneys have welcomed him with no concern for his race.
“The bar has taken an interest in me as a person, not based on skin color,” Phillips said.
ó Steve Huffman