Police arrest A.L. Brown student

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Sarah Nagem
KANNAPOLIS ó Police arrested an A.L. Brown High School student Monday for having a gun, knife, drugs and alcohol in his car on school property.
An investigator said he does not believe the student had intended to use the weapons or sell the drugs at school.
Kenneth Eugene McDaniel III, 17, faces four felony charges: possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a stolen firearm, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and maintaining a vehicle to keep, store, sell or use controlled substances.
McDaniel, of 4195 Hunter Ridge Lane, was also charged with possession of a weapon (knife) on school property and underage possession of an alcoholic beverage, which are misdemeanors, said Sgt. Bryan Ritchie of the Kannapolis Police Department.
Police found the weapons, drugs and alcohol during a routine sweep of the school using the department’s K-9 unit, Ritchie said.
Kannapolis Police search A.L. Brown High once or twice a year, he said.
Ritchie said a dog sniffed drugs in McDaniel’s car during a sweep of the parking lot. Police found about one ounce of marijuana separated into 14 baggies.
“They were individually packaged for resale,” Ritchie said.
The drugs had a street value of $180, he said.
Police also found a pint of brandy that was about three-fourths full under the driver’s seat of the car, Ritchie said.
Ritchie said police found an unloaded .30-30 Winchester rifle, which is commonly used for hunting, in the trunk of the car.
“There was no ammunition anywhere to be found,” Ritchie said.
He said police also found a machete-type knife in the trunk. Both the knife and the gun were under other items in the trunk, he said.
Ritchie said investigators saw no evidence that McDaniel had meant to use the weapons at school or to sell the marijuana there.
“My understanding is he’s a pretty decent kid,” Ritchie said. “He’s never been in trouble.”
North Carolina law says a student who brings a gun on school grounds faces an automatic 365-day suspension.
The school’s principal, Dr. Debra Morris, is recommending that McDaniel be expelled from Kannapolis City Schools, said Ellen Boyd, spokeswoman for the school system.
The school board will decide if McDaniel will be expelled, Boyd said.