Poems: Nature's masterpiece

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Christine Malcolm
Special to the Citizen
Warming breezes herald the spring
New life appears
Earth awakens all its wonders
Cloudless skies and sunshine everywhere.
Nature spreads her beauty
Over all the land
Waving winter’s wrath aside
To bring this joyous season once again.
From their cozy winter’s nap
Into the light
Fields of pretty blossoming flowers
Butterflies and humming birds in flight.
Bright arrays of many colors
Far as eye can see
Lend their beauty’s special charm
The perfect touch to nature’s masterpiece.
Higher calling
By Christine Malcolm
Special to the Citizen
Tossed about in life’s confusion
Thorny paths obscure the way
Lord we stand upon your promise
Of a brighter better day.
Make our feet to walk unerring
Onward through the vast unknown
To the goal that’s set before us
To our long awaited home.
May the hand that holds tomorrow
Grant the strength we need today
And the faith to stand undaunted
When temptations come our way.
Toward the mark of higher calling
Let us run the race to win
Soon to claim the priceless treasure
Waiting at our journey’s end.
Ever mindful of our mission
Reaching out to save the lost
Keep us to your will surrendered
And our eyes upon the cross.
Christine Malcolm is an avid poet who lives in China Grove.