Landis aldermen may consider different auditors for next year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Shavonne Potts
Salisbury Post
LANDIS ó There were few comments from residents at a public hearing Monday night on implementing an ordinance governing false alarms.
Aldermen talked at length about establishing the ordinance in April.
The proposed ordinance details the cost and time it takes to respond to an alarm system by the fire or police department when there is no emergency.
Only one resident, Nadine Cherry, spoke during the public hearing. Cherry urged the board to “keep up with it.”
“We have ordinances on the books now that are not being followed,” she said.
Mayor Dennis Brown said the board didn’t have the final revision because Town Attorney Rick Locklear is still reviewing the proposal.
The board went ahead with the public hearing, but did not vote pending the final proposal.
In other matters, the board:
– Approved amendments to the personnel ordinance.
Alderman Tony Hilton recommended the amendments relating to the personnel committee, proposing that the committee include just two members of the Board of Aldermen instead of the entire board.
It would be much quicker to assemble two board members than four, explained Locklear.
“As I understand it, it’s an effort to streamline,” Locklear said.
Alderman Roger Safrit wanted to know if the personnel committee would meet for employee discipline matters. Hilton said it would meet for everything, not just discipline. The ordinance calls for a discussion of anything from hiring and firing, demoting and suspending.
Alderman James Furr was concerned that all of the board members would not get the outcome of the committee meetings. Furr requested that the ordinance include that the board member who serves on the committee notify the other board members within 24 hours of the decision.
All voted in favor of the amendments except Furr, who voted against the proposal.
– Approved Sherrill & Smith CPA to perform the current year’s audit. The CPA group will then forward the audit results to the Local Government Commission for approval.
One alderman asked if this was the firm the town had a problem with in the past. He then suggested the town take bids to look at other options.
Town Administrator Reed Linn said there was a problem or two in the past, but things were fine this past year.
“The contract is not signed. If you want another firm to audit next year, I’d say look now,” Linn said.
He explained that the deadline is approaching, and it would make more sense to use the same firm for this year and look to another next year.
The firm also increased its base fee from $15,000 to $16,000.
Mayor Brown said he believed the accounting firm had been working with the town since the 1970s or ’80s.
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