KCS recognitions

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Kannapolis City School Board recognized students, staff and volunteers at Kannapolis Middle School during its March meeting. Plaques were given to each person, courtesy of the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce, Pizza Hut, Corning and Hubbard & Associates.
Recipients were:
– Jackario Smith ó Smith is an excellent example of the phrase “a joy to teach.” The eighth-grader always has a great attitude and is eager to please his teachers. He is also willing to help out wherever he can, whether you ask him to clean the lunch tables, go get breakfast or pick up a piece of paper from the floor. Jackario is never caught breaking rules, and he is not a student who needs to be reminded to go to class on time. His teachers recognize the effort and thought that he puts into each of his assignments and that he ever does a job half-way. Jackario, the son of Sherry Gabriel, also excels at extracurricular activities, playing a significant role in last year’s spring musical.
– Andrea Arnette ó Arnette’s teachers describe the eighth-grader as one of the sweetest, most compliant and hardest workers you’d ever want to meet. She never seems discouraged or upset. She is positive, helpful and always ready to work, even if the work is difficult for her. She starts to work immediately and continues to make every effort possible to be successful. Her parents give her a lot of support, coming to student-led writing conferences. Andrea is very active in her church and is not bashful or pushy about her beliefs. She is ready to help and be supportive and exemplify her personal beliefs and moral character, and she always has an encouraging word. Andrea is the daughter of Eddie Arnette and Wanda Parrish.
– Wayne Morris ó Morris is the father of Hunter Morris. In addition to being the dad of one of the most morally sound young men at Kannapolis Middle School, Morris has proven himself to be indispensible to the school’s Athletic Department. Morris often comes to the coaches to just ask how he can help. He has been seen dragging the baseball infield, painting lines on the fields prepping them for games and even laying sod when it appeared to him and others that it was a fruitless activity (it turned out great). Last year, the school tried to organize an athletic booster club at Morris’ suggestion. There were several organizational meetings, and when it became evident that there probably would not be a club organized, it did not deter him. He battled on and has been one of the very best supporters. While field prep, wrestling mat movement and those type jobs do not seem significant in the teaching and learning of children, it is. Keeping children interested in school in any way possible is important. Morris is a wonderful role model for students and parents, and he works hard with his child and provides for other children with them even knowing.
– Lee Ann Seabolt ó Seabolt came to Kannapolis Middle School from the central office seven years ago. She has been invaluable in her position as Personnel and Finance secretary. She handles numerous different accounts, manages the office and calls subs for teachers who are absent, among other duties. She works diligently to get children what they need for school and, many times, goes the extra mile to help them feel like they belong. She is a constant reminder of why we are all here: for children. In addition, Lee Ann works to help personnel work through pay and insurance issues. She has become indispensible in her role at Kannapolis Middle School.
– Carol Howard ó Howard has served as a social studies and language arts teacher at Kannapolis Middle School for 20 years. She has even jumped in when the teaching of music was needed. She is the consummate professional. Carol has served as a mentor to many new teachers, in formally and informally. She has served as the coordinator of the school’s yearbook staff and has overseen its growth. She graduated from Wingate College in 1981 and earned her master’s degree from Wingate University in 1994. She was the 1994 Kannapolis Middle School Teacher of the Year and received her National Board Certification in 2003.
Much to the school’s dismay, Carol will retire in June. Her laughter, calming presence with students, parents and in staff meetings will be greatly missed. Also, the school will have to find a new name for the Christmas holiday staff gathering carolers, as Carol’s Carolers will not be the same without her talents on the piano or in voice. She has touched so many lives and will be remembered for years to come for her impact on our students and our city.