Injured pup recovered, ready for adoption

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Joanie Morris
Salisbury Post
KANNAPOLIS ó In December, a small black and white mix-breed puppy was brought to the Cabarrus Emergency Veterinary Clinic. The pitiful, underweight puppy, estimated to be about 4 months old, had two broken legs and a broken pelvis, as well as marks in her neck resembling burn marks.
Workers there named the small black-and-white puppy Merry shortly after she arrived during the bustle of Christmas. A public appeal by the clinic drew more than $3,000 in donations to pay for medical care.
Her owner, Sylvester Conyers, was charged with animal cruelty in the case.
Conyers, 22, 723 Rainplace Court, Kannapolis, was found not guilty Jan. 11 of severely beating the dog. In court, Conyers reportedly said the dog had been hit by a car. A neighbor had called the police and reported that Conyers had been beating the puppy because she had used the bathroom on the floor, according to Kannapolis Police.
Conyers had previously signed over his ownership rights to the puppy before the court hearing.
The dog, now estimated to be 9-months-old, is just like any other dog now, said Terri Konwerski, a veterinary technician at the emergency clinic. She runs and plays, and only walks with a slight limp, which she will most likely have her entire life. Otherwise, she’s a happy, healthy puppy. The underweight puppy is a thing of the past, as Merry put on weight and has recovered from her injuries and surgery.
“She’s turned into such a loving puppy,” said Terri. “Much better than that timid little puppy we first met.”
Currently, Merry is living with a foster family in Cabarrus County, but Terri said they are ready to find Merry a “fur-ever” home.
“When Merry’s story first came out, it was like, ‘Oh, we want Merry, we want Merry,’ ” said Terri. “We got her all fixed.”
After surgery to remove broken femur heads, spaying and vaccinations, and Merry was recovered, the clinic sent out letters and adoption packets to everyone who had donated money for Merry’s care.
“We got one response back,” Terri said, shocked they didn’t receive more. They were hoping for more.
“We wanted to get the story out that Merry is up for adoption,” said Terri. Merry won’t have any long-term impact from her surgery, and should be just like any other dog, except for the limp. “She should be healthy, other than normal dog stuff.”
Terri said the clinic was hoping to have her placed by the beginning of June, but with the lack of responses, that doesn’t look like it will happen.
So, Merry the dog is looking for a home. Terri said there is no “ideal” home for Merry, just a loving and providing home that Merry can continue to thrive in.
If you would like to learn more about Merry, or fill out an application for her, visit Merry’s Myspace page ó yes, she’s got a Myspace page, which lists her at 2 feet, 3 inches tall and slender, as well as a Leo and kid-lover ó at
There is an application under Merry’s blogs. Please do not call the clinic inquiring about adopting Merry. Fill out an application and mail it to the clinic at 1317 S. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, NC 28083, in care of Terri Konwerski. There is no adoption fee for Merry.
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