Elevator in Cohen Administrative Offices Building back in service

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Jessie Burchette
The elevator in the Cohen Administrative Offices Building at 230 E. Innes St. should be up and running today.
The elevator has been out of service for almost two months, creating some challenges for the elderly and handicapped wanting to attend meetings of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners on the second floor.
It was also out on election night, when dozens gathered upstairs to watch the election totals on the big screen.
County emergency personnel used a special chair to carry a handicapped woman upstairs to attend a commissioners’ session.
Several weeks ago, the elevator suddenly started stopping erratically. When the doors opened, it wasn’t level with the floor.
One employee fell in the elevator but was not seriously injured.
Ken Deal, director of administration, said the elevator service company, Thyssenkrup of Charlotte, came and worked on the equipment and thought the problem was fixed.
But the fix didn’t stick.
Deal said they determined the problem was an old motor which had gone bad.
They pulled it out and sent it off to be rewound.
Deal said the motor may be the original installed in the building when it was constructed as the federal court house and post office nearly 100 years ago. It was vacant for many years before the county bought it and converted it.
“The motor hasn’t been replaced since the county has been in the building,” said Deal, adding this is the longest period the elevator has been out of service he can recall.
Thyssenkrup was scheduled to make repairs by today.
Deal said the good news is the repair is covered under the county’s service contract.