ed briefs: Frocks establish Catawba scholarship

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catawba scholarship
Dan and Joanne Frock of Hanover, Pa., did not attend Catawba College, but their three children did, and all three graduated from the institution. 
In honor of their children ó Carole Baublitz-Frederick, class of 1982, of Hanover, Pa., Julie F. Crapster, class of 1987, of Charlotte, and John D. Frock, class of 1991, of Littlestown, Pa., ó the Frocks have established a new endowed scholarship at Catawba to assist deserving students.
The three followed in the footsteps of their grandfather, the late E.B. Frock of Hanover, Pa., a 1933 alumnus, longtime trustee and generous supporter of Catawba. He also received an honorary doctorate of humanities degree from Catawba in 1986.
“When Carole went to Catawba, we were very pleased,” said Dan Frock. “Then, it was Julie’s time to go to college. Julie’s first year, she went to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, and she didn’t care for the city environment. She had been down to visit to Carole at Catawba, and she liked it and decided to transfer there.
“John is a bit more interesting. Out of high school, he went to York College of Pennsylvania for one year, but decided not to return for his sophomore year. I made the mistake of telling him that if he tried it for one year and didn’t care for it, that he wasn’t obligated to return. He held me to my word and chose not to return at that time. John chose to enter the work force for approximately four years, working for the town Borough and also as a truck driver before realization hit home.
“In ’87 during Julie’s graduation, John approached me and said, ‘I think it’s time to start working on my degree.’  So, he enrolled at Catawba in the fall of ’87 and finished his degree in December of 1990.  It made us ecstatic,” he said.
Now, he’s president of the family company, Frock Bros. Trucking. 
“We know how much Catawba meant to my dad and how much it means to our three children,” Frock said. “We’re helping to keep their alma mater alive and strong. My dad saw my three children graduate from Catawba, and they were all there when Frock Fields were dedicated in honor of their grandfather.”
Frock has set up an endowment fund to maintain Frock Fields. A posthumous gift of $134,000 from the estate of the late E.B. Frock and wife Rebecca was used to establish the E.B. and Rebecca B. Frock First Family Scholarship fund. That scholarship is presented annually to one or more students from Pennsylvania pursuing a major through Catawba’s Ketner School Business.
Frock still works some at the trucking company he and older brother Ed established in 1982, Frock Bros. Trucking.