Driver's ed goes high tech in Davie County

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Davie County High School has started teaching the driver’s education classroom course through a computer-generated instructional system called Blackboard.
The online format will be used for all driver’s education classroom instruction. The first online class will be offered to eighth-graders at South Davie Middle School who will turn 15 years old before Nov. 1.
Students who have a computer and Internet access at home take the class at home. Those who do not may take the class in a computer lab at their school in the afternoon. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation.
On a daily basis, via Blackboard, students will get instructions directing them through course content delivered using a multimedia presentation, an activity, a discussion board scenario, a quiz and videos.
The class will last for 16 instructional school days. Each instructional unit will be available for only two days. This assures that the student will remain on task to complete all 14 units by the end of the class.
North Carolina provides money for each student to take the driver’s education class one time. Students who fail to successfully complete the class will not be allowed to take it again unless there is verifiable proof of extenuating circumstances.
The final day of class, students will take a 100-question multiple choice test to prove proficiency. The eye exam will also be given at this time. Satisfactory completion of the classroom portion of the course allows the student to take the in-car driving. Students are scheduled for the in-car portion based on their birth date, with the older students being scheduled first.