Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Bobbie M. Earnhardt with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Shadow Properties, Inc. to David C. Adams and wife, $164,000.
Alvin D. Gingerich and wife to Terry M. Swaim and wife, $323,000.
Ronald Homza to Fred L. Scates and wife, $86,500.
China Grove Township
Geraldine W. Combs and husband and others to Martin Marietta Materials Real Estate Investment, Inc., $1,077,500.
Lynda Jenkins Burke and husband and others to Richard McElhannon, $15,000.
Mark A Yow and wife to Raney E. Troutman and wife, $135,000.
Christopher R. Watts and wife to Darvin D. Pethel and wife, $83,000.
JDL Homes, Inc. to Saleem Kawwa, $106,000.
Cynthia Suzette Faggart and husband to Joshua M. Lee, $112,000.
Michael L. Tosco and wife to Jerline K. Goodnight, $110,000.
William B. Roseman to Richard E. McGuire and wife, $125,000.
JDL Homes, Inc. to David Lawrence Hartz and wife, $108,000.
Kenneth E. McKenzie and wife to Kimberly L. Hurlocker, $145,000.
Belinda A. Crisco to Clarke W. Wilson and wife, $101,000.
Franklin Township
Patricia M. Collins and others to William G.R. Lazzar, III and wife, $168,000.
Clyde Biven Morris to Angelina S. Mooney, $219,000.
Gold Hill Township
Gary Wilkinson and wife to Reed Allen Jones and wife, $39,000.
Litaker Township
Benjamin H. Bridges, III as trustee of the Ritchie Farm Trust to T&F Developers, LLC, $1,825,000.
Fred B. King and wife to Larry L. Williams and wife, $31,000.
Locke Township
Plantation Ridge and others to Nikki Nicholson and other, $211,500.
Plantation Ridge and others to William Donnie Waller, $275,000.
Mt. Ulla Township
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to HSBC Bank USA, national Association, as trustee, $53,000.
Rowan County
Rowan Asset Company, LLC to Edison Investments, Inc., $1,584,500.
Ruben C. Davis and wife to Glen A. Nelson and wife, $227,500.
Tonya C. Banbury to Aaron Z. Schneider and wife, $90,000.
Wilmington Trust Company to Mary S. Fitzhenry, $34,000.
R. Michael Rollins and wife to Prudential Relocation Inc. $496,000.
Wells Fargo Bank, NA, as trustee to David M. Eagle and other, $76,000.
Southampton Group, LLC to Curtis T. Ethridge and wife, $235,000.
Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., $107,000.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as trustee, $68,000.
Wayne Eugene Lail and wife to Peggy Honeycutt Peeler, $20,000.
Margaret J. Feimster to Kimberly Y. Zeigler, as trustee, $205,000.
Bruce Heglar and wife to Matthew Garcia and wife, $144,000.
Robert W. Collins, III and wife to John L. Safrit, $82,000.
Joseph Graham Rutledge, III and wife to Jonathan D. Williams and wife, $60,000.
C.P. Morgan Communities of Charlotte, LLC to Elizabeth A. Keith, $182,000.
Household Realty Corp. to Imagine Homes, LLC, $65,000.
Jeffrey L. Nicholson and wife to James A. Davis and wife, $84,000.
Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc, as substitute trustee to The Bank of New York as trustee, $71,500.
Raymond A. Burke or Sherrie L. Harmon, as substitute trustee to Christiana Bank & Trust, as owner trustee, $37,000.
Harold L. Lee and wife to Ervin C. Glover, $142,000.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to Martell McPhaul, $71,000.
Catawba Land Development, LLC to Samuel B. Rankin and other, $800,000.
Stephen P. Heidt and wife and others to Rodney H. Nunn and wife, $179,000.
Jack William Trexler and others to Trexler Farms Inc., $88,000.
Williams Development Co. to Maready Built Construction, Inc. $134,500.
Williams Development Company to James Chris Williams, $134,500.
Williams Development Co. to Terlin Johnson and wife, $110,000.
Harold L. Lee and wife to Ervin C. Glover, $142,000.
Roy Truett Austin to John M. Sears, $140,000.
Triune Development, LLC to Craftsman Homes, LLC, $168,500.
Kenneth B. Helms and wife to Glen G. Upp and wife, $62,000.
Graham F. Knight and wife to Bret K. Watson and wife, $135,000.
US Bank National Association, as trustee to Darrell T. Efird and other, $80,000.
Roberta Martinez-Carmona and wife to Lisa J. Weaver, $68,500.
Gary D. Butler and wife to Carolyn Rosenblatt and other, $107,000.
The Caudle Law Firm, P.A., as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank, N.A., 473,000.
Jennifer Kay Hogan to Billy Gene Huffman, Jr. and wife, $9,000.
Koality Lawncare, Inc. to Wendy Wong Cosio and others, $154,500.
Wayne T. File and wife to Lowell T. Ara and wife to $184,000.
Green Tree Servicing, LLC to Greene’s Mobile Home Land Sales, Inc., $20,000.
American General Financial Services, Inc. to Michael Kennedy and others, $15,000.
Dysis Capital, LLC to Fairlane Mortgage & Realty Corp., $31,500.
Fairlane Mortgage & Realty Corp. to Helen E. Stone, trustee of the Revocable Living Trust of Helen E. Stone, $41,000.
Randy Wayne Edwards and wife to Tracy L. Murph, $98,000.
Jane E. Nussman to Donna T. Thomas, $230,000.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee, $84,000.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to National City Bank, $64,000.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to CitiMortgage, Inc., $95,500.
Unity Township
Cynthia Darlene Peoples to Jay L. Marlow and wife, $36,000.
James Edward Godbey and wife to Mark A. Menius, $17,500.