Creamer column Sharing a meal

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Most of my family lives in the Greensboro area. We try to get together as often as time allows, which doesn’t seem often enough. Normally, my wife and I make the drive up to Greensboro to see them but last Saturday they all got together at my brother’s house and rode down to have dinner here in Salisbury. It was a real treat to have them come down here.
We took them to a very nice restaurant in town where you get great service, excellent food and a very nice atmosphere at a great price. Everyone enjoyed the food and the time we got to spend together. The conversation flowed through various veins with the centerpiece focused on politics. The political beliefs in my family range very widely and the opinions of those beliefs are strong.
We shared plenty of laughs รณ something my family is going to do when we get together. Some of the laughs came from previous gatherings and others were at the expense of someone at the table, but all were in good taste. We also talked about good books we had read and recent movies we had seen. We heard updates about what various nieces and nephews. It was a good family time.
I began to wonder what the conversation must have been like around Jesus’ table. Certainly they got together and shared all kinds of stories about their individual lives. Jesus, being the oldest, probably took some ribbing from his brothers and sisters. They probably discussed politics and various religious controversies of their day. If they had gone to plays or musical events they would have shared reviews with each other.
I have to wonder what the conversation was like before He began his public ministry and after he started speaking and performing miracles. Do you believe that because his brothers and sisters knew him from childhood they doubted his true identity? How do you think the conversation flowed, especially in the religious department, after he began traveling and speaking? Do you think they picked on him the way they always picked on him, or do you believe they treated him differently?
I guess those conversations will remain a mystery for this lifetime, but I imagine there will be some great “remember when” discussions in heaven. I bet some really funny things come out when we hear those stories up there. You know Jesus will have his own stories to tell about various family members and also about the disciples that will make us all laugh hysterically.
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have dinner with Jesus? What would you like to ask God, if you were given the chance? What topics would you discuss with him? Would you tell him about a recent movie or book you have read? Would you enjoy playing a computer game with him?
I wonder what Jesus would say about the political candidates running for office. Would you feel comfortable talking about your political views with the creator of the universe? Wouldn’t you like to know Jesus’ position on the hot-button political issues? How would the conversation flow if you discussed moral or social issues with Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus is neutral about the moral, political, and social issues we face in our world?
How would you feel about inviting Jesus to your house? Would you feel the need to clean up before he came? Would you talk openly with him or would you guard your thoughts and positions on subjects? Jesus already knows everything about you. There is no need to guard your thoughts or to clean up around the house. He’s seen it all and he knows your thoughts. Sharing quality time with God allows you to express yourself to him and allows him to reveal himself to you. I want to encourage you to invite Jesus into every aspect of your life. Share with him just like you would a close family member. Be willing to laugh and cry with him. There are no secrets with God, and amazingly he still loves each one of us. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to share a meal with those you love. There is an intimacy shared in those moments that can break down barriers and open hearts and minds. I believe it would be interesting to share a meal with Jesus, do you?
Doug Creamer teaches marketing at East Davidson High School. His Web site is