Corriher-Lipe Social Studies Fair Friday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Corriher-Lipe Middle School sixth grade will hold an all-day Social Studies Fair on Friday in the school’s media center. The students will display and present selected countries of Europe, Russia, and Latin America to the school, parents and the community.
The purpose of the Social Studies Fair is to give each student the opportunity to do extensive research on a country of their choice in Europe, Russia or Latin America. Students had to examine a wide variety of resources and media to complete each step of the project. As the students work on the project, they become familiar with the culture and heritage of another country, which leads to an appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures around the world.
School and community presentations will be graded and voted upon for first-, second-and third-place winners based on the information shared; how well each student keeps the audience’s attention; making eye contact; and speaking in a clear, easily heard voice; standing and not seated; students’ knowledge of their countries; and the amount of preparation reflected in the presentation. Finally, students will be graded on the neatness and creativity of their project board.
Since this project is a year-long, extensive project, it guarantees success of each student who participates. It is hands-on and oral rather than read, study and test.