Condolences pour in

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Elizabeth Cook
Salisbury Post
They share the same sentiment: “our hearts go out …”
Nearly 200 messages of condolence appeared on the Salisbury Post’s Web site in the first 24 hours after two Salisbury firefighters died in the line of duty Friday.
With prayers, poetry and compassion, the world is reaching out to the Salisbury Fire Department and the families of Victor Isler and Justin Monroe.
The messages come from as far away as Europe, but most are from the firefighting community across the United States. Not everyone gives a name, and spelling and grammar can be rough. But the messages are perfectly heartfelt.
Here are a excerpts from some of them:
– Nicole Patterson: Everyday, I drive past the Salisbury Fire Station, not realizing the job that you have to do. When I heard of the 2 men who had passed away, words cant describe the pain I felt. I will now look at that Fire Station and every Fire Station in a different way…
– NORMA: When you say HERO that is what these men are. I can say that when my son heres HERO he says mom Im doing what I love and enjoy doing to help others. My God be with you and guide you.Thanks to all of the firefighters ,ems,police that came from all over to help and show the love that they have for each other.
– Bonnie S. McIntosh: … I lost my 17 year old son Sterling Herring this past summer to an accident on Long Ferry Rd and it was the Miller Ferry unit that responded.
Yesterday (Friday) morning, was unusual. I stood with one of Sterling’s close (friends) watching the flames and smoke rise into the air. … I told Sterling’s friend standing next to me that Sterling was there, I could feel his prescence. …
It was not until later that afternoon that I learned about the tragic loss of life and who it was … (that) it all came together and made sense. Justin I was told had tried with all his might to rivive my son at his accident. Sterling’s spirit with out a doubt was there and he was there to welcome the souls of those who were there for him when he passed.
– Jim Shipton: I send my prayers to the families of the fallen Firemen. Having grown up in Salisbury and the Fire Department with my Father (Fred Shipton) and Family members. I know how much the men will be missed
– Wesley Brown and Family: To the “RIT” teams and the firemen who went above and beyond the call of duty May God Bless you for all the effort you showed.
– G.H. Lang,firefighter and EMT, Franklin Station 55: For our own reasons, we do this because we love it, Fire Service or Emergency Medical Service, whether Career or Volunteer. This isn’t a “just a paycheck job”, its what we live for. When one of our own anywhere in the world is hurt or falls to the monster, we all feel the pain.
– crash: as i was sitting at the station listening to the radio traffic to my brother firefighters my my heart was droping to my feet i never thought i would ever have to hear any thing like this my thoughts and prayers are with the familys i am so sorry for your lost .
– D’Eyre Hoover: When I first heard about this incident I was in the middle of a test and I heard a friend … talking about those brave firemen we lost this morning and it broke my heart I could not believe that nothing this serious could have happened to dedicated men like that it was so unreal it made me realize that life itself is not a game God bless all the men in this world who put their life on the line for us everyday!!
– Robin S.: I have sat here and cried reading the news and reading the emails. My heart goes out to the families, coworkers and friends of these brave men. So true, the comments about the brotherhood … whether firefighters or law enforcement … we are brothers and sisters.
– Lee Stone: Just a week ago I was honored to be in the presence of Chief Bob Parnell and members of the Salisbury Fire Department for a memorial service for my uncle, Retired SFD Captain M.L. Stone. The ringing of the fireman’s bell signaling the end of the firefighter’s tour of duty was a moment I’ll long remember. Sadly now that ceremony will soon be repeated. God bless you all!
– Raymond Rogowski, who grew up with Justin Monroe: I remember he always talked about how he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up . I remember he always said “while everybody else is running out of the fire , I’ll be running in”.Well his dream came true but sadly ended in tragedy,and I just wanted to tell his and the other firefighters family’s I’m sorry for their loss.
– Laurence Delorme, France: My deepest sympathy for the families and friends of these 2 fallen bros. may they rest in peace and sleep with angels. God bless you all.
– Laura:R.I.P Uncle Victor
I Cant Believe This..
We’ll All Miss You,And We Love You..
You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts
– Susan Kotarsky: As the wife of an employee of Salisbury Lumber and Kronen Casework, my family wishes to express our condolences to the families and fellow firefighters of the brave men who lost their lives trying to save the company.
– Jamie and Christy Hollowell: As a firefighter for 19 years, this my husband’s biggest concern ó not coming home. As a wife of a firefighter, I know this is always the call you don’t ever want to receive – the fear that is in your heart when the phone rings as they are on a call.
– Lt. Kevin G. Hennessy, Fire Department of New York: My condolence goes out to the family of the fallen firefighters and Dept itself. Lt. Kevin G. Hennessy
– Richard Miller: This hit me hard. I was a volunteer firefighter for 4 years in MO. Once a brother, always a brother.
– Frank Kinnier, Jr., deputy fire marshal, Chesterfield, Va.: As a fomer Salisbury firefighter, 1973 and 1974, my deepest sympathy to the families of the fallen fire fighters and those injured.
– Linda Porter: Some give their lives helping protect others as these did today. Our confort comes in knowing that they gave their lives doing what they loved, and that we can see them again if we are ready when our time comes.
– Kyle Holshouser: I was a firefighter for over 13 years in a Rowan County Volunteer Department and know the closeness of the brotherhood-sisterhood of firefighters, while I have been out for almost 10 years, I still feel it as strong today as I did back then. … these people are a special breed and I have been honored to know and be a part of it.
– Anonymous: A Texan wishes to express deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. My prayers are with ya’ll
– Helen Taylor: … my father a Fire Chief of Sierra City, California passed away just this past year in the line of duty. … I tell my two young sons everyday that their grandfather was given firefighter wings to help God with any emergency. Please say a prayer for all firefighters today.