Christmas Happiness

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Contributions that trickled in late Friday or arrived in Tuesday’s mail pushed the already record-breaking 2006 Christmas Happiness fund over the $75,000 mark.

Santa couldn’t use them this year, but they will hopefully provide enough of a cushion to give next year’s fund drive a healthy start.

Your response each year is always amazing and uplifting for everyone involved in this annual tradition. It’s a true example of the meaning of Christmas.

Your reward is picturing all those happy children’s faces on Christmas morning and the satisfaction of knowing you helped put them there.

Yesterday’s total $73,045.31

Anonymous $100.00

Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ Superintendent’s Advisory Team $430.00

In honor of our caring and loving neighbors, John and D.J. Whitfield, Billie Alexander and the Broadway family, from the Howard Groffs $100.00

In honor of Bob and Patti Glassgow, from Tiffany Glassgow $50.00

Gamma Theta Chapter of N.C. ADK $115.00

In honor of our grandchildren, Allison and Madison File, from Larry and Betty Fesperman $25.00

In honor of Kayla and Kourtney, from Bill and Brenda Welch $100.00

United Steel Workers of America, Local 8573 $500.00

With love in memory of Glenn and Jeff $25.00

In memory of LeRoy Patchett, from Eileen Patchett $50.00

In memory of Mrs. Hattie Smyre and Mrs. Aldielaide Walker, from David Smyre $1.00

In memory of Waino and Gladys Remes, from Wayne Remes $50.00

In memory of my parents, Joe Louis and Hazel K. Gaither, from Hazel Ann Gaither Simmons $25.00

In honor of our grandmother, Frances McKinney, and our grandparents, Jim and Bobbie Lyerly, from Graham and Haley Lyerly $20.00

In memory of our grandfather, Vincent “V.A.” McKinney, from Graham and Haley Lyerly $20.00

In honor of our aunts, Jamie Lyerly and Sarah Tarlton, from Graham and Haley Lyerly $20.00

In honor of our uncle, Wib Owen, from Graham and Haley Lyerly $20.00

In memory of our aunt, Beth Owen, and our uncle, Doug Tarlton, from Graham and Haley Lyerly $20.00

In memory of Bertha Rose, grandmother, and Sherry Dunn, sister, and in honor of Doris and Clay Stroud, parents, from Janice, Jean, Randy, Davey and Freddie $50.00

In memory of Joe H.Ervin, from his family $500.00

In memory of Susan Branch Mangum, Annie Branch and Mae Hutchens, from Tom and Jean Branch Hutchens $40.00

In memory of Scot Rierson, Patrick Virtue and John O. Reynolds III and in honor of Chancellor and Rees, from the Reynolds family $100.00

2006 total $75,406.31