Boy Scout Troop 401 holds annual Court of Honor

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boy Scout Troop 401, sponsored by Sacred Heart Catholic Church, held its annual Christmas Party Court of Honor on Jan. 8.
The following merit badges were presented:
– Sam Boyd ó backpacking, fire safety, fishing, gardening, pets, salesmanship;
– Josh Brophy ó animal science, archaeology, art, astronomy, bird study, chemistry, coin collecting, crime prevention, disabilities awareness, entreprenuership, energy, farm mechanics, fish and wildlife management, fly fishing, gardening, golf, Indian lore, insect study, landscape architecture, leatherwork, medicine, model design and building, motor boating, music, painting, pioneering, pottery, pulp and paper, plumbing, rowing, small boat sailing, wood carving;
– Nick Cornacchione ó photography, reading, salesmanship, snow sports;
– Joe Cornacchione ó cooking, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting;
– Sam Cornacchione ó cooking, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting;
– Matt Gannon ó communications, emergency preparedness;
– Josh Lasker ó cooking, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting
– Ryan Lasker ó cooking, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting
– Adam Maurer ó fishing;
– Brandon Soco ó cooking, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting.
Ranks earned included Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class ó Sam Boyd.
In 52 years, the troop has presented 3,007 merit badges to its Scouts. The Troop meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. For more information, contact assistant Scoutmaster Henry Fairley IV at 704-627-9248
Over the years, the troop has had Scouts earn more than the 21 required for the Eagle Scout Award. Many Scouts have set troop merit badge records. Currently, the Scout who has earned the most merit badges is Josh Brophy, who has 120.
The following are the troop’s top 12 merit badge earners: Fairley, 54 merit badges; Kurt Stebe, 51; Ryan Thomson, 43; Robert Eagle, 43; Jay Dooley, 40; Andrew McCoy, 34; Jordan Dagenhart, 32; Kevin Weber, 31; Adam Webb, 29; Tim Laib, 29; Stephan King, 27; Steven Meseroll, 22.
Scouts who earn merit badges after they achieve the Eagle Award are eligible to apply for Eagle Palms. The following members of Troop 401 have received Eagle Palms: Fairley, six Eagle Palms; Thomas, four; Dooley, three; Stebe, two; Weber, two; King, one; Brophy, one; Chris Greene, 33 merit badges, one Eagle Palm; Robert Johnson, 27 merit badges, one Eagle Palm.
Brophy earned 58 merit badges in 2008, the most merit badges earned by any Scout in one year. Patrick Palumbo, from 1981 to 1983, is the only Scout to earn the most merit badges three years in a row. Robert Eagle is the only Scout to earn the most merit badges in a year for two non-consecutive years.