Black achievers report

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Brian Harris
For the Salisbury Post
Larry Dillingham held the Dec. 6 session on discipline and martial arts. He is a 4th-degree black belt in Shi-to-ryu and Tri-State Champion. He’s also the vice chairman of the Dojo Organization and has been teaching martial arts for 31 years. He is currently teaching classes at the Salisbury City Parks and Recreation facility. Dillingham introduced his demonstration team members including Jake Haire, brown belt and Tri-State Champion; Chyeyanne Paul, green belt and Tri-State Champion; Saywer Kimmer, green belt and Tri-State Champion and Christian Denneen, green belt.
“The purpose of karate is to promote discipline, respect, self control, and physical fitness,” Dillingham said.
The rank of the belts from lowest to highest are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. To be promoted from one belt to the next, a person must perform a kata รณ a series of punches, kicks, and blocks, performed from memory. He introduced the basic weapons used in martial arts including the bo staff, sword and nunchucks. He also discussed the technique known as Booki breathing.
During the last 30 minutes, his team paired up for sparring. One match, in which a female and male sparred, the female won. Dillingham said, “it’s not the gender that determines the outcome of the match but the skill level of the opponents.”
Those interested in obtaining information about joining Dillingham’s classes can contact him at 704-637-2665.
Food Lion executive Kiya Gilliard held the monthly leadership seminar on the topic “Legacy.”
“Legacy is something you want to pass down or what you want people to remember about you,” Gilliard said.
Members participated in a character name exercise. The objective was to use an adjective to describe our character. The adjective must begin with the first letter of our first name or the first letter of our last name.
We individually stood and gave an adjective to describe our character, including Happy Brian Harris, Outstanding Odell McBride, Intelligent Isis Miller, Compassionate Diamond Cauthen, Adorable Keyntoya Abner, Powerful Paris Mooney, Tricky Trevion Kittles, Creative Isha Clyde, Shy Shaquelle Ovaris, Bright Brandon Gaston, Nice Bria Neely, Caring Cenquarius Lawing, Terrific Jquille Tracy and Superior Kiyata Swann.
Members also wrote about their legacies.
“My goal is to become an actor. My legacy is I want to be remembered as a great actor. I want to be even greater than Will Smith. I want others to remember that I was someone that worked hard to become a great actor. I want to open a business and earn the money to pay for my acting lessons,” said Tricky Trevion Kittles.
Isis Miller introduced Mrs. Beverly Knox, the leader at the Dec. 20 meeting. She is a graduate of West Rowan High School and married her high school sweet heart, Michael Knox. They have four children and two adopted children. She served in the U.S. Army from 1984 until 1992.
She is currently employed at the V.A. Medical Center as a medical support assistant and she owns and operates With These Hands Balloon Styles, a balloon art company.
Knox said balloon art can be anything from a balloon bouquet to a life-sized Christmas tree. Members learned how to make a miniature Christmas tree that could be used as a centerpiece. There is a science to all that latex madness, but we had a great time exploring our creativity and learning about the real reason behind Christmas.
“This project was fun and something very new. We really enjoyed putting the balloons together and especially learning about the symbolism surrounding the holiday,” said President Kenyntoya Abner in the closing statement.
“Although getting the balloons to stick at the top was difficult, I really enjoyed this project,” said Achiever Kiyata Swann.