Back to school: Transportation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Director of transportation: Burris, Judy; Tims: Austin, Kathy; office specialist: Austin, Robbie.
Transportation: Bailey, Garland; Belk, Gary; Corriher, Roy; Hinson, John; Kepley, Michael; Moore, Phillip; Wagner, Jeff.
Parts manager: Beck, Robert; administrative assistant: Morgan, Deonia.
Mechanic: Derwein, Heinz; Laws, Ronnie; Slusser, Mark; Eagle, John.
Mechanic/fuel truck: Goodman, Richard; Rainey, Terry.
Supervisor bus route: Graham, Deborah; Query, Janice.
Mechanic/bus garage: Sifford, Darren.
Sub transportation mechanic: Stokes Jr., Hayden; cost clerk: Woodle, Trudy
Maintenance/roofer/furniture: Beck, Robert.
Custodian: Spry, Larry.
Risk manager: Fox, Gregg.


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