4-h plant sale

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rowan County 4-H is taking orders for its annual spring plant sale. Varieties available include: Allstar strawberries; Climax, Premier and Tifblue blueberries; Apache and Ouachita blackberries; Cowart and Doreen muscadines; and Celeste figs.
The cost for blueberries, blackberries and muscadines is $8 per plant or $7 if five or more plants of the same variety are ordered. Fig plants are $15.
Allstar strawberries are large, sweet, mild berries excellent for freezing, eating or making preserves. The plant is highly disease resistant. The cost for strawberry plants is 25 for $10, 50 for $15, and 100 for $20. Supplies are limited.
Climax blueberries ripen early over a short period and produce a medium-size berry with a sweet flavor. The growth is upright and spreading. The Premier blueberries are an early to mid-season ripening plant that produces large, light-blue fruit. These plants are upright and produce good foliage. Tifblue blueberries ripen mid-season and bear a medium to large light-blue berry. Growth is vigorous and upright. Plant at least two varieties to ensure cross-pollination.
Blackberry plants are thornless and in one-gallon containers. The Apache is a sweet berry and produces a high yield. The Ouachita bears sweet fruit that is firm and attractive. It is also recommended to plant at least two varieties to ensure cross-pollination.
Cowart muscadines bear large black fruit in large clusters which ripens early to mid season. The plant produces high quality fruit with good flavor. The Doreen muscadine produces a bronze fruit that is medium to large in size, with medium size clusters. This variety ripens late season and is very disease-resistant.
The Celeste fig is very large. The flesh is white and the skin is violet to purple. Celeste ripens early summer. The Celeste fig is self-pollinating and produces very sweet fruit. Figs are in three-gallon containers.
To place an order, call the Rowan County Extension Office at 704-216-8970. Orders must be received by February 29, 2008.