Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWCommunity service work.
DCDismissed by the court.
NANotice of appeal.
NGNot guilty.
PJC/CPrayer for judgment continued/court costs.
Disposition of cases heard May 17 in Rowan District Private Warrants Court by Judge Charlie Brown:
Assault by pointing a gun Timothy D. Blackwell, two charges, DC in both cases, frivolous prosecution in both cases, also assault on a female, DC; Johnathon Newsome, also two charges communicating threats, 60 days at expiration of earlier sentence; Greg Rinehardt, two charges, NG in both cases.
Simple assault Jennifer W. Gobble, Larry Gobble, Martha Gobble, NG; Robert Lee Lefew, Latrice Wallace, DC; Jessica Elizabeth Presnell, 45 days, suspended 12 months, court cost, CAAF, not assault witness, remain away from Quality Care.
Misdemeanor probation violation David Hyde, sentence activated, CAAF a condition of early/ work release.
Simple affray Nakia Marie Hyde, PJC/C.
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle Bobby Kocaine Johnson, also assault by pointing a gun, DC, frivolous prosecution twice.
Assault on a female Tony Luther, DC, also injury to personal property, DC; Nick Woolf, 75 days, suspended, 18 months probation including 6 months intensive probation, CSW and curfew at discretion of probation officer, $50 fine, court cost, CAAF, no contact with state witness.
Assault and battery Latisha Rachelle Moore, 30 days, suspended 12 months, court cost, CAAF, not assault state witness.
Possession of stolen goods/ property Jorod Qutez Young, 45 days at expiration of any other sentence, restitution, NA.
Injury to personal property Cody Dewayne Helms, 45 days, suspended, 36 months probation, court cost, CAAF, restitution, 24 hours CSW, also injury to real property, 45 days at expiration of first sentence, same terms.