Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lee Ann Sides Garrett
Salisbury Post
GRANITE QUARRY ó Curtis Streater and his wife, Deanna, sat on a bench at Granite Lake Park and watched their four children and niece play. The kids, all dressed in bright yellow shirts, were scattered in all directions, each doing different things, but Streater wasn’t worried. He could see them all from his perch in the shade.
“I like this bench,” he said. “The park is really open and I can watch the kids from here and still see the water and listen to the fountain.”
The Streaters attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the park on Saturday, but left because it was crowded and hot. They returned later in the day and were pleased with the park, especially its openness and safety.
“The whole park is fenced in, so you don’t have to worry much about anyone snatching the kids,” said Deanna. “I like the way they fenced in the lake. It’s safe for kids.”
The kids enjoyed themselves with different activities. Jeremiah and Brittnney played on the plastic pirate ship playground. Daishawn and Shante chased each other around the “race track” as Daishawn called it. And Olivia, played under a tree nearby.
“We could bring the bikes and ride around the lake,” Daishawn said excitedly.
The park, built on the site of the former Granite Lake, hosted a steady stream of families enjoying Granite Quarry’s new addition after the ceremony. The Lake was a popular swimming hole, featuring diving boards and large slides. The site sat idle for several years until its reopening as a park Saturday at 11 a.m. “It was a bit of an eyesore,” said Karen Webb.
Webb brought her daughter, Brandi Lipe, and Lipe’s 2-month-old daughter, Sophie, for a walk on the park’s 8-foot-wide paved walking trail. “It’s wonderful what they did here,” Webb said. “We’ve been watching for this to open, so we could bring Sophie strolling.”
Webb remembered bringing Lipe to Granite Lake when she was young. She said her daughter loved the diving board, but she hated the sandy bottom of the pool. Webb said she’s glad to see the old pool grounds put to good use. Lipe is glad to have a place to walk with her baby and safety is a main concern.
“With me just having a baby, it’s nice to know there’s a park where I feel safe,” Lipe said. “I’d feel safe coming out here by myself.”
Streater thought the park’s playground was great and convenient. They live right down the street and, as with many Granite Quarry residents, are glad to have something close by.
“The playground has no rough edges,” he said. “We used to go to Dan Nicholas Park because they had a pirate ship for the kids to play on. Now we have one in our backyard.”
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