Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Holly Fesperman LeeSalisbury Post
As a child, Tabitha Robinette made many visits to neurosurgeons with her twin sister, Tiffany.
She knew then that she wanted to be just like the doctors who helped her sister.
Tiffany was born with excess fluid on her brian and has a shunt to help the fluid drain out of her body.
“She’s had like 14 brain surgeries,” Tabitha said.
Tabitha’s plans have changed slightly since then, but she’s got the same goal in mind.
“I want to be a nurse to help out a neurosurgeon. I know what the families are going through,” Tabitha said.
Tabitha has been involved with the Allied Health program since her freshman year in high school. She’s now set to graduate from Jesse Carson High on Wednesday.
Tabitha’s mother and father, Arleta and Tommy Robinette Jr., have health problems, as well, and they’re both disabled.
“My dad has a heart condition and mom has fibromyalgia,” she said.
After thinking for a minute, Tabitha said she was possibly the only one in her family who didn’t have some kind of medical condition.
Tabitha has been doing clinical work at several locations this past semester and says she now enjoys the nursing field even more.
When she works with patients, Tabitha says, “You’re helping them and helping yourself become a better person. I feel like it’s benefiting me and them.”
After she earns her degree from Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Tabitha said she hopes she’s able to understand her sister’s condition better.
What does Tiffany think of Tabitha’s career choice?
“I think she’s happy about it. She feels so special … that she inspired me,” Tabitha said.
Before Carson High opened this year, the two sisters went to South Rowan.
Tabitha said when the option came to go to Carson or stay at South, she was excited about going to a new school. But when it came time to make the final decision, she was on the fence.
Tiffany’s Exceptional Children teacher was at Carson, and Tabitha said that was a big part of her decision.
She knew the move would be the best for Tiffany, so the two became part of Carson’s first senior class.
“It was a good change,” Tiffany said.
Right now, Tabitha is finishing up her clinical work at Autumn Care of Salisbury. She also works at Sonic in Kannapolis after school.
With keeping her grades high and fulfilling nursing obligations, it seems like time would be slim for an outside job.
“I’m glad I have a job that teaches me responsibility and how to manage money,” Tabitha said.
She knows other people her age who don’t know how it feels to have responsibility and “get everything handed to them,” she said.
Tabitha is excited about graduation and the new chapter in her life. “Who isn’t?” she said.
Her parents have always been supportive of all her decisions, Tabitha said.
Nursing is no different.
“They want me to go through with it. They know it’s something I like to do.”
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