Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mary Walker Hill, 85, and George Hill, 87, have been married the longest of the group ó 66 years.
Mary was 18 and George was 20 when they married. They met through one of his aunts, who worked with him at Cannon Mills.
They have two children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren ó and are expecting two more this year.
George served in the army during World War II and is a member of the American Legion of Rockwell; Mary is a member of the auxiliary there.
They are both still active, helping out with Meals on Wheels and volunteering at Rowan Helping Ministries.
They’ve always gotten along, they say.
“We don’t really fuss,” Mary says. George says if he ever said something to upset Mary, she’d “clam up.”
Their advice to newlyweds is simply not to argue.
“We understood each other,” she says. “He’s always been real good to me.”
“There’s not another one like her,” says George of Mary.
George’s patience is what Mary appreciates most about him. They share responsibilities, she says. “My eyes are bad now, so he does the driving.”