Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clyde Lewis Walker, 71, has been married to Kay Frances Vanderford Walker, 69, for 53 years. They met through a blind date to a drive-in movie.
They moved around for Clyde’s Navy career, living in Puerto Rico and Newfoundland, among other places.
The hardest time Kay remembers was having to spend Christmas in Newfoundland by herself because Clyde was snowed in at work.
Kay has been confined to a wheelchair since losing her leg to complications of diabetes five years ago, and says she appreciates all that Clyde does for her.
“We’ve always worked together and helped each other,” he says, adding that couples need to “trust in each other and trust in the Lord.”
He appreciates that she has always taken care of things at home.
“There was never a dirty dish in the house,” he says.
“Love each other,” Kay says.
“And try to work things out instead of running out the door,” Clyde adds.