Winner picked in United Way car giveaway

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

By Shavonne Potts
Like any great beauty pageant or reality show contest, the final winner for the Rowan County United Way’s car giveaway was announced at the end of the program.
The Tuesday report meeting was held at the Hurley Family YMCA, and all 12 finalists and their families attended, anxiously waiting for their names to be called.
All 12 of the finalists were called up to the front of the room. One by one the names were ticked off and a consolation prize awarded.
The two left standing ó Cathy Sharpe and Jim Knutson ó were holding hope their name was the one.
The two were chosen on the same day nearly a month ago at a report meeting.
Knutson of Maxson Furniture was the name drawn.
He then got to pull out of a box the name of one of four car dealerships, where he will drive off the lot in a car.
He chose Gerry Wood Automotive Center.
“It’s unbelievable. I never thought I’d be the last one standing,” he said.
Knutson said it was a bonus to win a car and he was just glad to be a part of the campaign. He was speechless beyond that.
“We didn’t even imagine. We came out to support the United Way,” said his wife, the Rev. Sherri Knutson. The couple encouraged people to support the United Way.
David Neal with Gerry Wood said this campaign has been a wonderful one.
“We are very happy that the car was from Gerry Wood,” Neal said.
Knutson will go to the dealership, on Jake Alexander Boulevard, and choose from a selection of cars, and Neal will deliver the car to him.
“We are blessed that we went to 111 percent of our company’s goal, which is double of what we had last year,” he said.
There were four local car dealerships that offered to provide a car for the giveaway: Ben Mynatt Nissan, Cloninger Ford-Toyota, Gerry Wood Automotive and Team Chevrolet.